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That Time of Year …

Its that time of year… when looking forward… into the new year requires a look back into the old year and some planning ahead.

Inventory and taxes and some website improvements . So that is where the time has gone this past week!

What did we see?

picture of rows of numbers
photo by

During the inventory, we discovered that during the Internet woes last year a few of the stock items didn’t get added. The product pictures are in the library, but the product information is GONE! Poof! So, yesterday in an attempt to fix the deficit, technology reared another ugly side.

A Store improvement, that was sort of implemented- caused some navigation problems. Once you arrived, you couldn’t go anywhere else. But the time to figure out and correct the problem took about 3 hours… Bleah!

So today, a little more tax work and some product fixes… and may we can do better on the blog… There are so many ideas floating… and in the process, but the prep time just doesn’t flow between the scheduled (and unscheduled) events!

Chicken quilt loaded  on the Longarm
Ready to be quilted!

Looking forward at this time of year, The “chickens” are loaded on the longarm and now to find the courage to begin the quilting. Unfortunately, we still need to acquire the thread. A trip to Louisville for some color analysis and decisons? Mother Nature may get in the way… as we are expecting some snow. We already have the frigid temperatures. Today, before sunrise it was 21F (-6C) and felt like 13F (-10C). It has gotten warmer up to 24F (-4C) and currently feels like 19F (-7C), but hey the sun is shining, and that is a good thing!

So off to load some books to the store. Coincidentally, the books are some really great free-motion quilting/longarm books too. I just might have to give them a perusal for the above-mentioned chickens… If you are looking for a good book on quilting and design, “Step by Step Free-Motion Quilting” from Christina Cameli, “free-motion Quilting Idea Book” by Amanda Murphy, the “Longarm Quilting Workbook” by Teresa Silva and “Free-Motion Meandering” by Angela Walters are all really great for ideas and courage to quilt! Look for them in the store or click the book title to go directly to book.

More Later! Beth

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