a look back at 2018

When I look back my the accomplishments of 2018, the first thought is disappointment. It doesn’t seem like much happened… especially on the creative front.

Where did all that time go?

Much of 2018 was spent working on the “I Have a Notion™” website. I still need to make some corrections, make some additional changes, and do more work. But that takes time… and the creative front is calling my name!

Some time in a booth!

When I look back at the calandar I see that I attended an event in February as a vendor called Quilters Day Out. In the booth, I displayed a quilt called ‘Chicken Dance’. (The quilt on the left in the first picture). It is one of my favorite quilts. It is bright and cheerful and constructed in batiks. Many asked if there was a pattern for the quilt. I still had to say not yet, but I will. I made the original quilt on the fly. No notes or measurements written down. I did have the pattern template for the chicken. I have been recreating the quilt in a 4 block quilt size, so now we have measurements and an idea of fabric requirements. The new ‘4 block “Chicken Dance” quilt’ is on the longarm. Now to write it up. The big question is do I quilt it or write it up first?

3 venues photo

I was a vendor at 2 other venues as well this past year. A local quilt show and a ‘one stop shop hop’. I love to vend and be ‘in person’. It is so much fun to talk to people and help them find a solution. Even if I don’t carry it. Helping to solve a problem a great way to stretch the brain and think outside the box. I don’t think I would like to be on the road every weekend doing shows but a few a year is fun.

Some time creating!

Early in December, I put the 3rd top made with what I thought was last of the Presidents Blocks (from my days in Paradise) on the longarm and quilted it. It has a deadline for the end of January to meet a guild goal. It is has been quilted and is waiting to have the binding stitched down. YAY! While I was cleaning out the box that all those block and bits have been residing since I began turning those 50 or so blocks into quilts, but I found 9 leftover blocks in the box. These blocks all had varying problems, from a bit too wonky or too small or the colors just didn’t want to fit… so I threw them all together into a top, and now they wait for a border fabric to tie them together more or less. I’m going to count it a finish!

4 Prez Quilts Collage

Something New

In addition to creating the ‘Chicken Dance’ quilt, I was creating a table runner and a table topper to give as gifts, and to show some other settings for the pattern. Fortunately, these were not as Christmas gifts. Unfinished still.

chick gift pieces

Something Fun

Another pattern in development is a coneflower. The one on the right was a sample for a class I teach. It was made using all batiks. The new sample uses all regular cotton fabrics. I am in the midst of quilting the purple one. I think I may make a third using a combo of regular cotton combined with batiks.

photo of purple and the orange cone flower quilts

Something old

And this project that has been hanging around for more than a year. The original plan was to quilt it on the longarm. My skills are not quite where I would want them to be to quilt this. Mostly because I haven’t spent much time practicing on the longarm this year. I made the decision this past week to machine quilt it on the domestic and get it done. I am using the recent purple coneflower to play with the background quilting designs I want to use on this one.

Sneak Peek of the orange tree


Now, as I look back I would have to say I had a pretty productive year. While I didn’t have too many quilty finishes, I did have lots of new experiences and fun too. There was of course much more that filled the days, but you don’t want to hear about that! In 2019 I wish you the best of everything in the coming New Year. Whether it is adventures, finishes or brand new starts. Have fun.

Happy New Year!

End or Beginning?

We are rapidly looking toward the end of the old year and the beginning of a New Year. How did this sneak up on us?

photo of burning sage
Burning sage in a bowl
  • burn sage for a cleansing?
  • clear the decks?
  • put things away?
  • reflect on how you spent the year?

Do you have any end of year rituals?

photo of a planner
Make a plan
  • make resolutions?
  • set goals?
  • choose a word for inspiration or guiding?
  • buy a new calendar?
  • make a plan and map it out?

Here at I Have a Notion

photo of 12 month calendar
photo of 2019 calendar

Many things are on the calendar for 2019. I am looking forward to a bit of travel, a conference in March, and Spring Market in May and possibly even Fall Market. An opportunity or 2 to share some thread painting/play techniques, creating a pattern, doing a couple/three local venues for a booth, one in February, the others much later in the year. In addition, researching and finding new useful products for the store. 

What do you have on your 2019 calendar? Did you accomplish anything you had planned for 2018? 

Until later, we wish YOU a Happy Holiday (whichever one you celebrate or all of them if can manage that much partying) and of course a Happy New Year! See you next year!


more on Paradise… The Camp Fire

It has been a month since the Camp Fire started, yesterday. The numbers are out, as to the damage, homeless, dead and costs. It is staggering. The local paper, Chico Enterprise-Record, of course, is the closest news source for the Camp Fire news. This headline and story caught my eye.

The national news has stopped reporting on The Camp Fire. So we need to find other sources to keep up with the story and progress; or the lack of progress. I can’t believe it has been a month already! 

Now, that most of the short-term basic needs have been met; clothing, personal care, and general needs met, (food and laundry). Next are the long-term needs and they will take much much longer. The recovery institutions are slow movers, FEMA, Insurance and other agencies need piles of paperwork and proof.

How can we continue to Help? We can always send money to one of the local charity foundations (a few standout ones are named in the above article) adopt a family (Facebook article below), send sewing supplies (see next article) or make a donation quilt, (HoneyRun Quilt Store is offering to receive and distribute the quilts). Now that the “shell shock” has worn off, the grieving process has only begun regarding the loss of mementos, personal collections and favorite daily living items are mind-boggling.

Of course, there is BEER! The Sierra Nevada Resilient IPA can be found across the country at breweries (there is a map of breweries offering Resilient IPA across the country). We should see Resilient Beer in stores soon too. You can find more about the beer, the pledge, and the proceeds on the Sierra Nevada page. If the beer doesn’t float your boat, they are also offering a T-shirt.

More Later-Beth