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When all else fails….

talk about Goldie!

dog laying on her back
Goldie on her back

Goldie has adapted very well to being the one and only. She Loves it. This is not an unusual position for her. She does this out of the blue and just stays like that… Linzi didn’t do this. Bandit didn’t do this (ever). The only dog I have had that did was Axel… all the time. He would also play with toys on his back, trying to either hold or position a toy in his mouth with is forelegs. Goldie does this too. 

She has become a delight… now that she is healthy and seems to be learning faster. In addition, she has become the WATCH dog…. raising the alarm… when she thinks there is trouble!!! Boy can she get loud and deep.

Its great that she is doing well after a year of health issues and antibiotics. We tried to put her back on a commercial dog food, but that was a NO GO, so she is still on prescription food, although I may ask the vet if we might be able to change to one that is not the last resort formula.

We’ll be back again soon with a project. Of course technology has reared its ugly head in several areas AGAIN!

More Later- Beth

4 thoughts on “When all else fails….

  1. Happy to hear that Goldie is healthy and happy. I think Manny is the only one of our dogs that lay in exactly the same position, but for him he does it in my arms and want a tummy rub 😉

    1. I would have to sit on the floor to hold Goldie… and I don’t think she could stop wiggling long enough for that!!! Goldie likes tummy rubs too!

  2. We’ve had several dogs over the years that love that position. There should be some food that she can tolerate. There are so many out there now, that didn’t used to be made.

    1. I think her colon is still in recovery… from all the stuff… I just think it would be nice to at least have one step… if thing go bad again. Not sure of her problem was allergy or maybe difficult digestion… At least she is full size, not stunted from the early issues. She is really turning into a nice dog.

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