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Titanium Sewing Machine Needles

The Titanium Sewing Machine Needle is the best needle you can use in your sewing machine. It doesn’t matter what machine you use, if your needle is old and dull your stitches will suffer.

Why a Titanium Needle?

A regular needle, chrome or nickel plating over steel, is rated to last 5-8 sewing hours. A Titanium needle may last 20 to 40 sewing hours. Of course the type and thickness of fabrics will vary the amount of sewing hours.

a package of Organ Brand Needles
A package of Organ Needles

What makes the Titanium Sewing Machine Needle So Great?

A Titanium Needle has a very very thin coating of Titanium Nitride applied during manufacturing that makes a gold color. By nature Titanium is heat resistant and almost non-stick. The applied Titanium helps the needle point hold its shape and dimensions for a much longer time.

A photo of the gold Titanium Needle
Gold Color of the Titanium Needle (Embroidery 80/12 shown)

Which Needle should I use?

The Titanium Top Stitch needle is a great daily sewing machine needle for piecing and general sewing. It is also capable of Free-Motion Thread Work and Free-Motion Quilting. The Top Stitch needle has a slightly deeper groove for the thread to ride in while moving through the fabric. They eye is also larger reducing the friction when the thread passes through the eye of the needle. Did you know the thread may pass through the needles eye more than 33 times before becoming a stitch? It all depends of course on the stitch length.

A Titanium Embroidery Needle is another great needle especially if you like to use some of the thicker or more finicky threads. The Titanium Embroidery needle has a large groove and a much larger and rounder eye than the Titanium Top Stitch needle to help reduce the friction on the thread even more. 

How do I choose the Needle size?

When a  choosing a Titanium Sewing Machine Needle match the needle to the thread, not the needle to the fabric. The needle size tells you how big the shaft is, the bigger the number the bigger the needle. A fine thread 60 weight you would use a smaller needle like a 75/11 ; a thicker thread like a 40 weight a larger needle such as a 90/14.

needle in a sewing machine
The gold Titanium Needle. makes threading a little easier with a larger eye

I Have a Notion carries the Titanium Top Stitch Needles in the 80/12, 90/14 and 100/16 sizes as well as the Titanium Embroidery Needles in the 80/12 and 90/14 sizes.

I Have A Notion is reviving the “Needle Exchange” Program!!!

How does the “Needle Exchange Program” work?

Do you want to try a Titanium Needle?  Send the current needle in your  sewing machine to I Have a Notion, (the mailing address is on the Policy Page, left hand column). Pin the needle to a short note which includes what you know or remember about the needle (type and size). Also please share a bit about you and a little about your sewing style, the projects, thread and fabrics you usually sew with; and include self addressed stamped envelope to I Have a Notion.

What is your favorite needle and tell us why you like it…

Until Later-Beth

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  1. I love titanium needles. By chance, do you have any recommendations for which needle to use for machine embroidery on card stock? I’ve done this before successfully, but currently having problems and trying to troubleshoot. I have a fine point titanium needle in my machine right now so I lean to think it is my machine tension (doesn’t seem to be an issue with fabric stitch outs), or my cardstock is too thin. I will do some more tests this week to see if I can resolve, but looking for tips from anyone with experience.

    Lastly, not sure if you are going to Market but I’m looking forward to learning about new products you ight find if you go.

    1. QSG! Thanks for the comment and I got that page fixed… Have not idea why it went down…. Beth

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