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There is always more to do…

Not that I needed to find another task, especially at this time of year. But I did!

The Closet Area

I made a plan to complete the inside of the closet area. Bought all the stuff and moved all the miscellaneous boxes of stuff out of the closet space to hang the uprights. This closet is just shelves, with no space for a hanging rail. It needs some doors yet. Originally I had planned barn doors, a double-track system, so they could slide in front of each other. I may still do that… once I decide if I need flooring. In the meantime, if I keep it this neat, I might be able to stand looking at it!

New Closet Shelves
The new closet shelves were empty for about 5 minutes!

Kitchen Gifts

In the meantime, I am crafting ‘Friends’ gifts in the kitchen. I make biscotti every year and gift to friends and family. It’s not a surprise each year when I drop them off, as it has been my tradition for many years. I have a batch to drizzle with icing today and another to get into the oven. I think they are the last for the year. These are for the neighbors on our road, and this year for most of them, the first time.

Christmas Biscotti
Several Biscotti Gifts ready to to

Another UFO Finished

The photo used to create the Pink Water Lily Quilt
Water Lily photo was taken at the Morton Arboretum in Aurora IL 2017

On the UFO side, I finished another. ‘The Lily’. I took this picture of a water lily in September 2017 at the Morton Arboretum outside of Chicago. I wanted to play with a multi-step color gradation. Which failed. I did not separate the darkest pinks enough by value and it is muddy in the medium petal areas. From a distance, it looks ok. But up close the shading in the medium color petals is difficult to see.

Water Pink Lily Quilt finshed front
Done is good

I did have fun using every single shiny threat that fell into the color scheme that I had.

Detail of the pine water lily quilt
Shiny threads

When looking at the back you can see that from inception to finish I forgot what I was intending to do. I have worked on a couple of these where I have hidden much of the threadwork from view, but wished that it would have shown in the end. So this began with the intent of showing all the thread work on the back… which requires as much thought as the thread color for the front and paying attention. I did not remember or pay attention. Again, it can be used as a teaching tool. All the shiny threads, the value flaw, and the issues with the back.

The Lily back detail
I forgot the intention for the back of the quilt.

I as usual have lots going on, the weather has turned cold. Icy cold, this morning 17°. All the water is iced over. The cows, the chickens, and the pond. A good day to stay inside. I need to plug in the cat water bowl too since the pond now has ice at the edges.

Christmas is fast approaching, only a week to go. I doubt I will get back here before so I will close by wishing you the Happiest of Holidays!!! and stay healthy, stay apart and wash your hands I want to see you here next year too!!!


8 thoughts on “There is always more to do…

  1. I would leave doors off the closet, full access at all times. With overlapping doors you can only see into half at a time and not as much light will shine in there. You can keep it neat, I know you can!

    1. Wanda, Neat??? nope that takes up too much time when the projects really get going!!! Beth

  2. If you use one of those sliding barn doors, then you can use the front of the door as a design wall. I wish I lived on your road. I love biscotti (haven’t had any in several years now). Merry Christmas!

    1. Cheryl, that was the plan, but the length I have to go is quite long… but I think I have it figured out! It will have to wait until after New Years… Beth

  3. Merry Christmas 🎄
    Biscotti sounds wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl! and the biscotti is good if I say so myself!!! Have a Merry Christmas yourself! Beth

  4. Your water lily is gorgeous, and the shiny thread adds a lot. I love it!

    1. Good Morning and Happy New Year!!! Thank you so much. I love sparkly threads… and I have a collection of them. Some I had never even tried, so if the color worked… I used it on this little quilt! Another part of the “What If I Do This” game. Beth

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