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Tenants, Paint and Construction are keeping me busy

I am so far behind… and as the title suggests there are lots of things that are keeping me busy… Goldie had her 2nd birthday in early September. All she wanted at the new place was a big backyard where she could play. It was done a few days late, her wish became reality. The fence is complete.


Also keeping me busy, are the feline tenants, (5 males and 2 females) and the addition of 6 chicken tenants (all hens), my morning is busy. While the chickens grow up to layers we feed them. I let them free-range part of most days too. We are working with the tenants and eliminating the ability to reproduce, but it is a one at a time proposition… I trapped the first and shyest of the cats, “Patience” on a Tuesday a couple of weeks ago. That meant that I was in the car immediately after. Dropped her off for spaying and then back home… a couple of hours later collect her and take care of her in the garage for the rest of the week. While she was recouperating she allowed me to pet her, but she reverted to wary the moment I let her go.

Patience after
Patience after recuperating from being spayed

Catching Patience was so successful that it was time for another. The next shyest cat, (also a female) named “Prudence”, was easy to trap in the ‘haveaheart’ trap. I was also able to grab one of the younger tenants (a male generally called #2), and put him into a crate we used for the puppies. This was on a Friday morning, and off I went to town… to drop them off at the vet and run a few other errands. The convalescing of the cats is going well and also keeping me busy. #2 now has a new name. “Prince” he did his convalescing really from just one comfy position… and as long as I was reaching in and giving him a rub down… every couple of hours he was a happy camper. Prudence is also extra affectionate too. Prudence needs a week to recover, but Prince is free… again.


The Prince before his surgery


In case you think I don’t have anything to do, just before the cat trapping, we began priming and painting all the walls upstairs. One coat of primer on every single wall and 2 coats of paint. 2 rooms were purple tones, one was a dark tan and the 4th was a dark tan top and a deep maroon (2 coats of primer) on the bottom. Upstairs all of the painting is complete. Next up is the carpet! Anything is better than Berber!

Paint upstairs-old and new
New paint is on the right


In addition, we have started the remodel construction on the main level. The main elements are eliminating a couple of walls, moving a door, adding a closet. We will be living in a construction zone for a week or 5! Hanging on to my patience by a thread!!! But we are liking the changes, so far.

After the wall is taken down
The rough new look for the downstairs

So as you can see while things are quiet, there is much happening that is so very unexciting but keeping me busy. Nothing happening in the Creative Space… its all still in boxes, although I have lots of great ideas swirling around in my head.

What has kept you busy or entertained lately? Please share in the comments. I need to know for my sanities sake!!!

More Later! Beth

10 thoughts on “Tenants, Paint and Construction are keeping me busy

  1. Enjoy the updates on your new place! Hoping that pictures of the finished product are not so far off, for your sake. Having lived through a remodel I don’t have the desire to do undertake another one!

    1. Thanks Cheryl!!! We are enjoying the new place and looking forward to just us… for a few minutes. I really really want to sew though… Everything just takes so long… to get completed. What are you working on? Beth

  2. How can anyone love with purple walls? The new one to the right looks great though and it’s gonna be exiting to see the new downstairs. Me keeping busy? Apart from the dogs the urn project that I have done over and over agin. Today will be spending making leaves 🙂

    1. Since all the rooms upstairs were the childrens rooms the color was their choices… all the colors were too strong, and the beige room might have been tolerable if it was lighter!!! I like the new color as well (right one in the picture) it brings so much more light into the rooms. Sure hope the rest of the changes are as satisfying because I am ready to lose my mind with the upheaval. Beth

  3. You say not exciting, but it seems pretty exciting to me! Lots of changes in your home and new farm! We have had a crazy time lately. Within four days in September, our washing machine quit, we unfortunately had to decide to put our dog Ozzie to sleep, and my car was totaled in a rear-ender accident on highway 65 heading home from Nashville. We took a week long vacation to Denver, and now we have a new pug puppy. Walter is 9 weeks old, so that means constant supervision.

    1. Wow, that is an unfortunate list of issues!!! Except for the new pup and the vacation. So sorry to hear about Ozzie! I remember (I think) when you got him??? I know all to well about the constant supervision. We just replaced our washer. I miss it… It did not play a tune or have a million decisions every time I wash a load of clothes. It also never told me to clean it! Yeah, that I-65! I hope that the car is the only thing that suffered in the accident. So glad to hear you are doing well, otherwise. Beth

  4. Well, were currently confined to a 28 foot camper with our two elementary granddaughters. Remember all that rain we just had? Yup, stuck indoors! Add one grumpy grandpa and you know the fun!!!

    1. Yes that much needed rain, the pond was in dire need of water… those poor fish. I don’t envy you trying to entertain the ladies in such a confining space. Might have been a good time to teach them about football!!! Beth

  5. I found you! Did you post photos of the house, will try to look further,This is our season for Tarantella’s even have a festival in town for them this month. But have not seen any. Usually are seen crossing the road, especially our dirt road, so have to be careful, don’t want the few we now see to get squashed.
    Enjoy each season.. Oh. How are you quilting the hex, quilt, it is beautiful. Hand done? Mine is only going to be for the table centerpiece. Happy Quilting. !!

    1. No I have shown much of the house … and work yet… so much is in flux… and so very dusty! Did share some exterior shots and the critters. I am going to quilt the hex in an Edge to Edge… all over. It won’t hold together if I don’t. I have hand pieced and hand quilted another Grandmother Flower Garden (GFG). One of those is enough! Off to prepare for Houston Market!!! More when I get back on the house and the critters! Beth

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