Some fun and lots of work

Has it really been since November that I posted? Where has the time gone? Actually I know where all the time has gone and I am quite sure that you do not want to hear the details, but there has been some fun and work.

The House- no fun, lots of work

Is slowly coming together. The major work is completed, but the followup is slow going. We completed most of the interior painting, but about a quarter of the main floor still needs to be painted, we have requested the contractor to redo some of the wall repairs before we finish the painting. Next is also installing the main level flooring. It took us forever to find a floor that we thought we could live with, and we finally decided on one that is not going to be too dark. The fun was putting the furniture back into the living room area.

The Living Room almost completed
The new fireplace surround and living room arranged for sitting.

The Outside

The weather has made it difficult to tell if it is winter or not… we have a few days of freezing cold that has led to either ice on the pond or snow, and then a few warmer days with lots of rain. The pond is full and it has been fun to see how the pond changes with the temperature changes. Those pesky ladybug-like creatures are constantly trying to get into the house.

Winter-snow on the pond
Snowfall on the pond

Some travel

I went to Houston for Quilt Market and the Threads of Success Conference. It was both fun and work. I met a lot of very fascinating people and even caught up with a few friends. Many that were attending “TOS” were (or wanting to be) pattern designers, professional longarmers or book writers and of course, several were retailers. One couple that I met, have created some really great innovative products. I sure hope to get them into the store!!!

New Fun Notions for Stitching
Some new and innovative notions

TOS notions


Thanksgiving had us traveling. A family event that everyone tries to make. The son and family made it in from Texas this year!!! We all participate in feeding the clan. My job, (most years), are the desserts for 20 and getting them there in one piece (5 hours by car), both fun and work. I also started the holiday baking, I make biscotti for gifting to friends and family. This year a new flavor was added, “Cinnamon Swirl” and it was a big hit. Christmas was lowkey because we stay home and have a traditional-ish turkey dinner.

A Critter Report


The 6 Chickens are laying… about a dozen every 2 days. They must be happy girls. They have become quite the intrepid free-rangers, going further and further from the coop every day, even in the rain. If they keep laying, we may have to resort to giving a dozen or two away on a regular basis! Keeping up with them is more fun than work.

the chickens
All 6 chickens with coop behind


Not sure where I left off on the cats, but since the last post 6 have had the reproductive cycle interrupted. Only one more to go and all will be unable to reproduce. Not quite sure how I am going to get Tutone separated from the others long enough to trap. He is not totally afraid nor is he friendly… On another note, they are earning their keep!

Cat Earning Her Keep
Prudence with a snack


The dog “pupulation” has increased by one!!! That is not a typo. We acquired a puppy in the first part of December. We brought him home at 9 weeks, gave him the name “Patton”, and he is now 3 1/2 months old. Goldie loves having a playmate.

Patton the pup
Patton’s ears are UP!!!

Creative Department

I took a few moments and set up the longarm. It was breaking my mental status to see all those parts just laying on the concrete floor of the basement. Of course, that meant a little testing. So I quilted a yard of fabrics and created some coin purses. The rest of the creative space contents are still boxed up…

Handmade Coin Purses
The Creative Department


Yes, the real culprit for not blogging was technology. It seems that the blog software had an update that had some major conflicts. That company only has a web presence so all the help is done by email or chat, neither is particularly fun or fast. Using email, you get assigned the next available “inbox”, and aside from them not reading ALL the previous messages they tend to get a bit lazy and start suggesting that the problem is probably with the site host… So some 8 weeks later it is resolved. I could write a post, but once it was saved I could not edit or add the pictures, etc. Making it very difficult to be interrupted… and if you were raised in corporate America, you learned to save periodically, so all your hard work did not go poof- Even if it was going to anyway!!!

So, if you have made it this far… thanks for keeping up… even if I don’t! More Later-Beth

Busy Busy busy

Has it really been 2 weeks? As usual… diversions and detours- and some quilting and sewing. 

This week started with a family thing… I posted these 2 pictures on Instagram…. Monday was a very long day! My niece and great niece moved from Indianapolis to Illinois…. Some difficult times for them.

Left at 7 am and home at 10 pm. I saw my great niece and after a little play time on my lap, she fell asleep in my arms. We spent her 6th month birthaversary, the same way we spent her 6th day birthaversary. Asleep in my arms. Due to stresses and no phones allowed… no current picture her. But this one was taken in March, 6 days old.

Tuesday was catch up… groceries and new glasses were in, but we are going back for those today… have an issue.

Yesterday I spent more time in the car… drivivn a Goldie sample to drop off at the specialty vets… hopefully good news to post about next week!!!

Some stitching, well almost stitching, alright more like almost quilting happening. This is an old top that has a bit of damage. I finally decided that it is not in good enough shape to spent time hand repairing the holes. So I created some fused flowers and ironed them over the holes. An old Grandmothers Flower Garden top infused with some modern hybrid flowers…. and mostly loaded on the longarm frame… I purchased it with the intent to quilting it up and use it as a table cover for shows. I didn’t realize how big it is!!!

Have you been busy… quilting or something else? Tell us (me) about it!!!

More Later-Beth