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Spring, Remodel, and That Bug!

In my head, I have posted several times… written long notes about life, the farm, sewing and tools and of course the remodel. However, I seem to have the best ideas while my hands are full or otherwise occupied, so I apologize if I have led you to give up on me.

This Spring

has me anticipating what I will find out of doors as the weather warms. I found several areas with daffs!

A clump of daffodils
Spring Surprise-Daffodils

This Remodel

has not gone quite as smoothly as we planned. Everything took so much longer to complete than we anticipated and the contractor has had to return several times… to bring items up to snuff. Also not part of the plan. We had to do some of the painting on the new floors, which, of course, complicates the process.

We are finally back into the Master Bath on a fulltime basis. The closed up doorway needed more contractor attention too, once he fixed it we completed the painting. Then we put up the towel bars and other needed fixtures for towels, clothes, and TP! DONE and we can finally complete our dressing tasks in one bathroom.

The electrician still needs to return to finish up some of the electrical, most of which needs to be done in the Creative Space. I have not unpacked the creative supplies. I have to say that my temporary ‘Creative Space” has me feeling disorganized, cramped and crowded.

quilt top
Auditioning Borders

That Bug

the Coronavirus has thwarted plans… and created obstacles that complicate the ways and means of tasks. Grocery stores have run out of much-needed items, such as TP, bottled water and cleaning agents… It looks much like prep for a snowstorm, and the strangest items are in high demand. Yesterday, popular items were frozen pizza, tater tots, desserts, canned soups, lunch meat, and cookies! All the things we needed were in plentiful supply, especially in the fresh produce!

Over the weekend I was going to Chicagoland, a booth at a quilt show. However, it has been canceled as most things in the country are. It is about time we took this thing (COVID-19) seriously. I had already canceled plans to visit family in April, due to the ages of some of the relatives. Since carriers don’t know they are carriers… until it is too late!!! We have decided to cancel all our social interactions with groups for the next few weeks. We did move to the country to be a bit more separate, now we will get to find out… how separate!

That Sky

Spring Sunrise
This sunrise was spectacular!

I hope we have more days with color like this. It was awesome and had such a very short timeframe. This picture was taken with the phone. Have some on the DSLR too.

Stay tuned… The neighbors are mooooving back again soon. Beth

4 thoughts on “Spring, Remodel, and That Bug!

  1. I hope you find some time to get your creative space set up with your social obligations cancelled. Can’t wait to see the cows again!

    1. Setting up the ‘Creative Space is moving up on the calendar and I am making plans and lists!!! I’m looking forward to the cows too. I have a “quilt” challenge that requires cows… so I will be looking forward to the inspiration being just across the road! Beth

  2. With the virus, you need that creative space finished. Nothing else to do but stitch. Wish I could have seen you, but, maybe next time…. We cancelled our trip to our nephew’s wedding. Just in time, since now they are un-inviting out of town people so that they can limit the wedding to 50 or less people.

    1. The Creative Space has so many steps … to do for the process. Number one is moving the boxes… AGAIN! I think that is the biggest hang-up and painting! Sorry we won’t meet up now, but I have space on my calendar for the rescheduled date!

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