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Spring at the Farm

The title is loose, as far as spring on a farm goes. Unless a ‘clowder’ of cats and a flock of hens is farm material.

Springtime Neighbors

As I mentioned last time… with spring and some growing grass new neighbors have MOOOOved in! This morning. There are about 20 cows and 10-12 calves. Several are just a few months old and quite a few nearing a year. One was very entertaining this morning. She did a little cavorting… alongside her mom and aunties. All those cows still have winter coats to shed and mud caked on.

The Wildflowers of a Kentucky Spring

A week ago, after a good rain (more than an inch of wet stuff) and still very cool out, I took a walk in the woods, to look for forest wildflowers. Only found 2. The Cutleaf Toothwort and the Spring Beauty.

The Rains

I stopped by the big creek at the back of the property, sadly it is not on our property, but very close. It was flowing very well. The ground has become saturated from all the recent rain. It immediately runs off filling the creeks and ponds to overflowing.

Big Creek
The Big Creek

Our little creek that runs from the pond down to the big creek was also flowing well. Most of the time, it disappears into the limestone rocks for a few yards and reappears down a little way. You know we have lots of water when it is flowing like this… over all the rocks.

Our little creek
The creek from the pond drainage and a natural spring.


I hope everyone reading or stopping by is doing well, staying healthy and distant. Here, we are staying close to home and only venturing out for food, as in fresh produce. One day I was thinking… what if I were the one to get sick? What would we eat? Ok, more like what would I have to eat? We stocked plenty of canned soup for power outages and emergencies in the winter, not really for eating when ill. So I made a couple of good hearty soups. Not something you think of as springtime meals. Turkey soup is my all-time favorite soup. For one batch of soup, I roasted a small turkey and turned it into a soup and froze in individual packages. I also made a Pasta e’Fagioli Soup, a bit hearty and freezes very well. I also made Italian Wedding Soup and froze it as too.

Spring Care (we do care about you)

Here at I Have A Notion we are hanging in and waiting for this thing (COVID-19) to pass. If you need anything… don’t hesitate to drop me a note or give me a call. I Have A Notion is not running any COVID-19 specials. The after COVID-19 economy will be new territory for everyone. It is a tricky thing to keep life afloat and on a steady course; especially now with advertising to BUY NOW, BEST DEAL EVER, NEVER to be REPEATED, etc hype. I Have A Notion will still be here when this mess is done and we can all pick up where we need to… If you do order, everything is clean, (maybe a little dusty), and my hands are clean and I take the utmost care while packing. I don’t want to get sick any more than you want to get sick!!! In the meantime, do your best to stay healthy, wash your hands often and then maybe even wash one time. Find new and fun ways to keep your household entertained and busy; probably the most difficult task we’re asked to do these days!

Hang in and come back soon. if you made it this far in reading please share how you are maintaining your household sanity and the diversions that are working best. I have more spring pictures to share, so stay tuned – Beth

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