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So What’s UP?

So what’s up around here? This week wasn’t too much different than the last many weeks. So much to do and keep up with. Most of what is happening at “I Have A Notion” are plans that we put into motion before the whole move thing came about.

What’s Up Around the House

Construction… mostly drywall patching and sanding, and patching and sanding and….. is what’s up. Yep, on it goes. There is an inch of white dust on EVERYTHING!!! In addition, custom milled trim to match the current woodwork whih of course takes time. The working plan is to complete next week. The doors hung, trim and molding placed… and eventually the granite countertop on the island and the fireplace surround… We’ll see. Once the contractor is done, we will paint the main level and then the new flooring! If you want to see where some of this began check out this blog entry.

New Drywall
A new wall patched and almost ready for paint

And another Booth

What’s up for the weekend of October 18 & 19 was another 2-day booth at the 1 Stop Shop Hop of the Bluegrass. That took up another week for preparations. I love being part of quilting activities because it allows me to meet lots of other quilters, share knowledge or tips. Best of all helping to find solutions to quilting problems is the most fun! Also, I often get to see friends that I have been unable to connect with as often as I would like to. Last month was a booth at a quilt show, read about that here.

1 Stop Shop Hop of the Bluegrass Setup
Almost ready for the One Stop Shop Hop of the Bluegrass

Over this next weekend, I will be away at Quilt Market. Like I mentioned, when I made these plans, we were living a quiet life in town…

I’m keeping it short and sweet, so it is less boring. What’s up next… a critter report. Stay tuned!

More Later- Beth

4 thoughts on “So What’s UP?

  1. Just wanted to verify your online store is active before placing an order. :0) THank you!

    1. Karen,

      I replied directly to you via email… and just in case anyone is wondering why… this comment went unanswered, (it was only unanswered here). I was away in Houston (Quilt Market) without a computer… HOME now and order going out today as promised!!! Thank you so much for your patience! Beth

  2. I’m looking forward to you being at our quilt show. I’m usually in the hallway, just outside of the main vendor area.

    1. I am looking forward to a different venue!!! and you are the reason for it. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t even have considered it!!! See you next year! Beth

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