Sewline Ceramic Leads Refill-Variety Pack : Refill for the Sewline Pencil


Never run out with a refill pack on hand

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Sewline Ceramic Leads Refill for the Sewline Fabric Pencil.

So often when marking a fabric, you find you need a different color but don’t need 9 of each color. The package contains 3 of each color white, black and pink. This pack will give you enough variety for all fabrics. The thin lead makes it ideal for putting a precision line right where you need it.

Erase marks with a polymer eraser or dab off with water.

NOTE: Always test on a fabric sample to ensure the lines can be removed satisfactorily.

White Sewline Ceramic Pencil

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × .50 in


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