17″x24″ Wool Pressing Mat : Wool Makes Pressing Better


A Wool Pressing Mat will change your pressing life.

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The 17″x24″ Wool Pressing Mat will change your pressing accuracy. Especially when pressing a large block or long seams. If you stitch garments you will also find this mat helpful when pressing seams open or wanting to create crisp pleat or fold lines when constructing garments.

Every single block and seam you press will be crisper and flatter after pressing on a wool mat. It will change your piecing life. No more stretched or misshapen blocks.

Use with steam or dry iron.  Wool has unique properties that make it ideal for pressing blocks without distortion. The wool grabs and holds the fabric or block in place while pressing. It absorbs the excess steam.  Wool is a natural fiber and will not scorch or burn.

If you make garments, create hand or machine embroidery, or needle turn applique you will find the Wool Pressing Mat indispensable. Press your motifs without flattening or creating press marks in the background. Velvet presses beautifully as well, (of course, you must still take some precautions when pressing velvet). Press lace so it lays flat, chiffon and other delicate fabrics pressed on wool also do well.

The 17″x24″ Wool Pressing Mat is ideal for pressing blocks or borders. The, 13 1/2″ square and the 8 1/2″ square pressing mats are great for pressing a whole block or block pieces or for use at the sewing machine.

Still, on the fence, the 4.5″ square is a great size to try before investing in a larger pressing mat.

100% Wool and made in the USA!


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