Organ Titanium Top Stitch 80/12 Sewing Machine Needle


The Needle with the longest sewing time!

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The Titanium Top Stitch sewing machine needle is the best needle for your sewing machine.  They last longer and a better value. We blogged about them here.

What is the single most important factor for a beautiful stitch?

A sharp well defined needle point is the single most important factor for creating a beautiful stitch. If the point does not pierce the fabric cleanly, then the thread will not flow through without friction. A dull point may also cause skipped stitches or thread breakage.

How much longer does a Titanium sewing machine needle last?

A Titanium needle will last 5-8 times longer than a typical chrome or nickel plated steel needle. A shiny silver needle has a sewing life of only 5-8 hours. The type and properties of the fabric you are stitching may shorten the life even more. Fabrics made from synthetics tend to dull the needle faster than 100% natural fiber fabrics. A gold Titanium needle has a sewing life of 40-60 hours. The Titanium coating keeps the shape and dimension of the needle point longer for beautiful stitches.

What are the characteristics of a Titanium Top Stitch sewing machine needle?

The Titanium Top Stitch needle has a deeper groove which protects threads especially when stitching fast. The Top Stitch needle also has a eye that is almost twice as large as a universal sewing machine needle. These characteristics allow the thread to pass through the fabric with less resistance and friction forming a beautiful stitch.

When should I use an Top Stitch Needle?

For all your garment or piecing needs. The Top Stitch needle will protect your thread when sewing and the sharp point will create a clean fabric pierce for smooth stitches. The Top Stitch needle does a fine job when used for light Free-Motion Thread Work, Embroidery or Quilting.

Which size should I use?

The bigger the needle size the larger the needle. A needle should be matched to the thread size. A fine lightweight thread to a fine needle. For most sewing threads an 80/12 is fine. If you experience thread problems try the next larger needle.

I Have a Notion stocks the Titanium Top Stitch Sewing Machine Needle in 2 additional sizes, 90/14 and 100/16 and the Titanium Embroidery Sewing Machine Needle in two sizes, 90/14 and 80/12 too!


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