Clover Flowerhead Pins : Extra Long Fine Pins


These pins are super fine and very long

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Clover Flowerhead Pins are long pins that can hold together many layers of fabric. These fine pins have sharp points and a fine thin shank. The flat head is convenient for machine stitching. Flowerhead is not heat-resistant. Do not apply iron directly. 20 pins/card. Size is .55x50mm (just about 2″ long).

The Clover Flowerhead Pins are perfect for pinning the fabric to the paper pattern when ‘Foundation (paper piecing) piecing, for holding seam intersections together when joining blocks or when attaching the long sashing rows between block rows. Using the “pin-weave” method, (take little bites of the fabric and weave them along the length of the pin), along the joining seams for extra hold. The same pin-weave is also very useful when adding the borders, using the same weaving method. The pins stay in place better with all the top jostling.

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