Fine Line Water Erasable Marker by Dritz – Blue Water Erasable Marker


A Trusted Method For Fabric Marking!

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Dritz Fine Line Water Erasable Marker is a great way to make a semi-permanent mark on your fabric. It stays until you wash it out with water.

The Fine Line Water Erasable Marker has a pinpoint tip that makes a very fine thin line.

It’s great for marking sewing lines, seam allowances, start and stop marks. Draw your quilting lines, thread sketching design, or applique placement marks. The marks all wash out with clean cool water, but you should always test before committing the design to your fabric.

There have been several magazine articles, white papers, and blog posts about the various fabric marking devices. Check out this well-written blog about several ways and products designed to mark the fabric.

I have been using the blue washout fabric markers since the 80s and have not had any problems with it, other than it does not erase as easily as it once did! I won’t use anything other than these, air erasable, or chalk on my fabrics, and a Frixion marker is an absolute NO!!!

Looking for another way to mark fabric check out these items air erasable or one of these chalk markers.

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