Chaco Liner Pen Style by Clover Silver: Chaco Pen Style


The best tool for fine temporary chalk marks

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Chaco Liner Pen Style Silver makes a perfect fine silver chalk line.

The Chaco Liner Pen Style has a fine point for increased accuracy. Use the pen with a ruler for a straight line or free hand for smooth curves.  The pen cap conveniently fits on the back of the marker for added length for a better grip.  Refill chalk is available separately.

Chaco Liner Pen Style Silver chalk marks well on most medium and light fabrics.

NOTE: Always test on a fabric swatch to ensure that the lines can be removed satisfactorily. Ironing or dry cleaning may set marks permanently. The calk marks may need laundering with detergent to remove.

Finding a marker for fabrics is a tough problem and finding one you trust is difficult. This blog may help you with making a decision.

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