Beam-n-Read Personal Light : Brighten Any Dim Work Space


a REAL handsfree task light

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The Black Beam-n-Read Personal Light is excellent for the crafter. Imagine embroidering, stitching, applique, beading, knitting, crocheting or any personal task, or reading that might need a dedicated source of light. Also, the Beam-n-Read personal light does not need an outlet for electricity or contorting yourself in order to have what you are working on under the light. The Beam n Read is lightweight and hangs around your neck on an adjustable strap. The light shines right where you want it without fiddling. Choose either 3 LEDs that light up or 6, your choice. In addition, the 4 AA  batteries, (not supplied) will power the 3 LEDs for up to 100 hours and 6 LEDs for up to 50 hours.

That’s a lot of light!!!

Violet Beam-n-Read Personal Light is also excellent for lighting when the power fails, for camping in the tent or reading in the car when traveling after dark.  Is there a woodworker, (or other craftsmen) in the family, these will help relieve the shadows when doing intricate work.

The light provides a wide beam to give a broad swath of light. The lights come packaged with two filters (red and orange), to filter out the energizing blue light. Flip the lights up for on, press flat for off, no accidental switches to flip.

Also available in violet


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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 1 in


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