Dusting Brush for Sewing Machines : A better Dusting Brush


A fabulous tool for cleaning lint from the bobbin area

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The Dusting Brush for Sewing Machines is a must have tool. The brush is excellent for keeping your sewing machine or longarm quilting machine in tip top shape. Because the bobbin area collects a significant amount of lint the dusing brush makes cleaning easy.

Next to oil, a lint brush is the most useful for machine care. Lint and loose threads often cause issues with tension or interfer with making a perfect stitch.

The natural bristles of the brush are stiff enough to get into the smallest areas, and yet soft enough to find and remove the lint. Use the brush to dust your upper tensioner, as well as dusting the thread path guides.

Never use ‘compressed air’ to clean your sewing machine. It contains moisture and forces lint an debris further into your sewing machine.

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