Quilters Select Rotary Cutter : The Cutter with a DIFFERENT Feel


The Rotary Cutter with a DIFFERENT feel!

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The Quilters Select Rotary Cutter is for those that find many of the current cutters difficult to hold. The cutter features a contoured handle with a comfortable palm swell and a bit thicker for a firm grip. The cutter in more comfortable in the hand due to the weighted handle. In addition, shape keeps the hand in a more neutral position when cutting.

Unlike many other rotary cutters, the safety cover is just press of a button and tap on the mat to open and a tap on the other side to close. Changing the blade has never been safer with the magnetic blade pin. Just twist, drop the old blade and pick up the new blade, insert and twist again!

Also, this cutter is ambidextrous! No matter if you are right or left handed, it works without adjustment!

The Quilters Select Rotary Cutter Replacement Blade is also in stock

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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 2 in


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