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I have recently begun using the serrated scissors in my applique cutting in particular. They cut so smoothly and cleanly!

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Perfect Scissors Large from Karen Kay Buckley, an award-winning quilter. She has produced a line of tools to aid in quiltmaking. These serrated scissors are great when working with fabric. The Serrated edge pulls the fabric into the scissors. Traditional scissors tend to push fabric away when closing the blades, very noticeable when cutting on the fabric bias. In addition, all sizes of the have a serrated blade and very comfortable handles. Another feature of the large size scissors is the blades are 7 1/2 inches and cut cleanly through 4 layers all the way to the tip. Also, a right or left hander can use them with ease.

Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors come in 3 other straight serrated sizes, Medium, Small and Curved Tip.

See some of Ms. Buckley’s extraordinary work here.

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