Glow-Line Tape by Omnigrid : A Ruler Marking Tape


Never forget which line is your cutting line again!

Works on Longarm Rulers too.

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Glow-Line Tape is designed to remind you which line is your project cutting line on your ruler. Have you ever cut a strip a bit too wide, or worse too narrow? All because you didn’t measure twice- or double check that you were lining up on the correct line? With Glow-Line tape, either place a strip on the underside of your ruler or on top next to the correct cutting line. When doing repetitive cuts, look for the highlighted lines and avoid miscuts!

Need a specialty shape. Place lengths of the tape on the ruler in the shape, which will allow you to use a ruler you already have for creating!

Have you ever lined up the wrong Longarm Ruler on the wrong line? This tape works just as well on your longarm rulers too.

The tape removed easily and is not permanent. Each package contains 3 rolls of tape, fluorescent pink, orange and yellow. The tape is semi-transparent so it does not obstruct the ruler lines or fabric.

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Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in


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