Terial Magic : A Fabric Stabilizer


Make your fabric behave more like paper

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Terial Magic a different kind of ‘fabric stabilizer’! It allows you to create ‘paper-like’ fabric. Once applied and dried it reduces fraying and allows more accurate stitching by machine. You can treat it just like paper, fold, crease or manipulate fabric as you would paper.

There are many ways to use stiffened fabrics!

  • to use in your electronic or mechanical die cutter for perfect effortless cuts that won’t fray.
  • manipulate, fold and cut in new ways
  • stabilize fabrics for hand embroidery reducing fabric pulling or puckers.
  • stabilize fabric for printing without a freezer paper backing!!!

It is a different fabric stabilizer because you can leave Terial Magic in the fabric. Unlike traditional starches that can degrade and attract bugs or moisture. On the other hand, once you have finished your piece it may be washed out without leaving a residue or damage to your fabric.


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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 9 × 3.5 × 3.5 in


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