Katahdin Autumn King Batting : 100% Cotton Batting


A 100% cotton batting that has a beautiful drape after quilting.

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Katahdin Autumn King Batting is a great alternative batting for quilts. The Katahdin Autumn King Batting is a 4 oz, 100% Cotton that has a luxurious hand and beautiful drape. Needle punched with a loft a bit over a 1/8 of an inch without a scrim. After quilting exhibits minimal stretch and low shrinkage when washed. You may quilt or stitch up to 8″ apart.  Determining the right or wrong side is not necessary for machine quilting because it does not have a scrim. The King size is 120 inches x 120 inches, packaged.
Proudly produced in the USA.
The batting product gets its name from the highest Appalachian peak in Main, Mt. Katahdin. The name comes from the Penobscot Indians and is pronounced, “kah-TAH-din.”
I Have a Notion has several sizes of the Autumn batting Queen and Crib as well as the Summer batting, in Queen, Full and Crib in stock.

Additional information

Weight 50 oz
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 5 in

Queen, Full, Crib


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