Longarm Quilting WORKBOOK by Teresa Silva

Cover of Longarm Quilting Workbook

The Longarm Quilting Workbook is a fabulously thought out book from the beginning to the end. Teresa Silva begins in chapter 1, by considering what you might need when contemplating acquiring a longarm. From size to features, standup or sit down setups. She gives a rundown on all the materials, supplies and tools that you may want to have on hand, too.

Once you are ready to quilt there is a whole section on motifs in the Longarm Quilting Workbook… from simple lines and squiggles to the more fun and elaborate feather motifs. However, she also includes ribbon candy, swirls, clamshells, and beadboard to name a few. In another chapter, she covers how to get better and freer using doodling and drawing to help you loosen up and quilt with confidence.

Chapter 4 has several quick quilt patterns for putting in to practice some of the motifs and quilting designs illustrated in the book. These patterns go together fast to get you quilting fast.

The last chapter includes a full-color quilt gallery of quilts quilted by the author. There is a full view of the quilt and close up shots of the quilting. The entire book is filled with close-ups quilting and of each motif as it is illustrated and described.

Learn to longarm with confidence!

146 Pages, color
Spiral bound, hardcover


Free-motion Quilting IDEA BOOK by Amanda Murphy

Cover of FMQ Idea Book by A Murphy

The Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book is chock full of designs that feature the piecing! The book begins with a project pattern and instructions if you don’t already have something ready to quilt! The author shows how she quilted the project 3 different ways. Another feature, is that the designs are all built around free-motion and working at the front of the longarm. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a ruler or template for the designs. It just means you aren’t using a pantograph!

The ‘Idea Book’ covers Allover Designs, Blocks, Sashings, Borders, and individual Motifs. Each of the designs is shown in steps and lists the coordinating family of the design in a quick reference guide at the back. This makes it very easy to see a design in multiple settings. Each section covers traditional blocks. For example, some of the blocks include the Churn Dash, Courthouse Steps, Diamond in a Square, and the components that make up the blocks, like triangles, squares, rectangles, and negative spaces. In addition, she includes many of the other interesting block shapes too, such as the Wedding Ring, Sacked Coins, Tumbler, Strings blocks.  The result is a book with lots of ideas for quilting blocks in parts that will lead to a very effective unified quilt

Finally, Amanda has also included a full-color Gallery for a fun look at the quilting designs in use!

The Free Book details:

  • 155 quilting patterns to complement specific areas on your quilt
  • Free-motion pairings for 30 traditional quilt blocks, plus borders, sashing, freestanding motifs, and allover designs
  • Expert advice from author and BERNINA spokesperson Amanda Murphy

192 pages, color
5.25 x 9

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The State of the Store: Values, Stock and Products

old I Have A Notion web banner
Where We Were

In a little less than a year the state of the store has changed significantly. The web site started crashing and elements were not functioning requiring major renovations. I Have A Notion™, started down the road to the new look, new web site, new stock; well new everything! The site is modernized, sleek and organized. It will always be a work in progress, but the key elements are in place.

What are the Goals

To improve the State of the Store, new stock and products are being added all the time. Not just the newest hottest things, but the tried and true. Products that have stood the test of time and continue to work as well as the day they were introduced. These tools continue to work and have a long useful life in the sewing room. In addition, adding the new innovative products that will help guide us down the road of creativity, either by updating the method of how or by making the current process easier or better.

a banner with several IHAN products

Values of I Have a Notion™

Modern retail is based on the cycle of buy-buy-buy, but let’s buy right! All of us can fall into the cycle of constantly upgrading before every really learning to use what we have. Part of my job at I Have A Notion™ is finding useful tools that do their job well for the cost. To that end, I am sourcing out the best tools for the best price. We can all find the least expensive items at the big box stores, and most of them will work well. At I Have A Notion™, the goal is to stock the ‘better categories of products where possible. Not the lowest priced “GOOD” and not the top of the line “BEST” products, but the “BETTER” that does the job, will last or have made significant enough changes to ‘Tried and True’ to warrant the upgrade! Focus on the best bang for the buck. Tools that will pay for themselves or elevate your experience to the next level or BOTH! The value will be there, if not by the price, then the benefits of the item.

Tested by Beth

My IDEA is to show you the difference! By the cost or value, by innovation, or that it has stood the test of time and is still relevant. There are many “Tried and True” products, (Blue Washout Markers), that I use when crafting and sewing. Some are “NEW and Improved” products, (Misting Spray Bottles), that make some aspect much better, easier or both. Where there is only one choice of a particular item, (Machingers Gloves), then that is the one you will find here. Where there is more than one choice (scissors or pins), then you get to make the decision on which is best for you. Still not sure… ASK! I will assist you in any way I can, and I always tell the truth. I love helping you find exactly what you need to be successful in CREATING. Can’t find a tool, something you really want to have? Please email (Beth at quiltnotions@gmail.com) and we can see if it can be found!

The State of the Store will be ever changing as the stock and products, but the values will remain the same!


You can find the above products here: Misting Spray Bottles, Machingers Gloves, Vinyl Decals, Quilters Select Products, and Longarm Books.