Lets talk about something else that is new!

At the pressing station, (ironing board) the newest thing is not an iron. But it will help your iron work better. How many times have you sprayed water or starch from a spray bottle only to have uneven coverage in every place but the one you were aiming for?? Or that your hand becomes fatigued with repeated pulls on the trigger.

Well now that problem has been SOLVED. Meet the newest kid on the block. With a pull on the trigger you get a fine even continuous mist. Can be used with plain water or starch. Bottle holds about 10 ounces.

The bottles come labeled with fun ‘quilty’ designs with Mrs Bobbins-

Iron Maiden

Friends don’t let friends go to quilt shops alone.

Nothing like a little Color Therapy to brighten the day!

For a limited time on special for $10.87, regularly $14.49 while supply lasts!