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News -Who and What’s New?

Lots of news here, and I have started to write this post several times in the last week or so… but I get sidetracked by many things. I am learning to follow the flow, even if it doesn’t seem to be in the intended direction.

Is it just me or does everything take longer? Last week I was away from home 4 out of 5 days. Only one was really planned, the rest just sort of followed downhill. Two days were devoted to the car in the shop. Big misunderstanding on how soon it would be done… leading to 2 days to take it and then go back to get it. Fortunately, they had a loner, but the previous borrower, was a smoker and the drive home and back seemed twice as long. But things on the farm are ‘moooving’ along.

Not just news, but NEW

March full face
March full face

I want to introduce you to our new resident. This is March. He is about 9 months old give or take a few weeks. He has been here for about 3 weeks. I don’t think he is too happy about his new place- he missees other cows something terrible. Especially his mama. He mooed himself hoarse the first few days. He still has a bit of hoarseness when he really tries to bellow his frustration.

March and the loafing shed
March Loafing

He spends most of his day in the loafing shed, (the red building in the pasture, out of the hot sun. Several times a day he grazes from the loafing shed to the barn for some grain or a long drink of water, and then back to the loafing shed. We don’t think he likes the pigs!!! The goats from the neighbors were still here when he arrived, and he seemed to think they were friends and a comfort. Then the goats moved back to their home, and his loneliness once again became apparent.

Speaking of Pigs

Piggy Ann and Iggy Piggy are doing very well. The big news is that they finally ventured outside the barn into their yard, with a little enticement of some cantaloupe melon rinds. A favored pig treat. Once they did that they discovered that there was a little pig wallow. What is a wallow? It is a depression in the dirt that is generally muddy, where they roll, and splash and root in the mud. The whole area used to be covered in grass, and now is nothing but turned dirt and mud. Pig Heaven!

Pigs and the wallow
Mud caked pigs and the wallow

This is what they spend the time doing when not eating or sleeping. Yesterday they had mud from the ears to nose at lunchtime. We are feeding 3 times a day, now. Mostly because as pigs they pollute the food… by stepping in it, sitting in it, or playing with the bowls. This way more food goes into the pig, and less wasted. From the pond, we can see the pigs when they are outside. Today we watched them playing in the wallow and running in circles and then into the barn and back… and then all over again!!! Such fun!

Pig rooting with face in mud
What a pig does in the mud- Rooting!

Dog News

I have been holding off on the dog news. Goldie is doing fine. She has a bit of aggression toward Patton. We don’t know where it comes from, but she jumps him out of the blue! They are currently living separately. In the meantime, Patton developed a limp and was squeaking quite a bit. A visit to the Vet, an x-ray, and some medication along with advice to keep him calm and confined for a few weeks. So he was doing well, the pain was under control and he was kept calm. Medication was done about 2 weeks ago and then on Wednesday, the limp came back. The Vet thinks he may have elbow/shoulder dysplasia, and the x-ray says it is not the operable type. We will be seeing a specialist for advice on how to proceed. Patton is just 9 months old and currently weighs 90 pounds. He passed the large dog stage and is now considered extra-large. He has been a wonderful puppy I hate to see him in such discomfort.

There you have it… in the Other things going on… we have a vegetable garden and working on re-landscaping the front of the house.

More Later-Beth

8 thoughts on “News -Who and What’s New?

  1. Clearly March needs a buddy. Can you arrange “play dates” for cows? Sorry to hear about sweet Patton. I hope it is something driven by him growing so BIG so fast and he’ll outgrow the pain. I’m glad you are investigating 2nd medical opinions/experts. A few years back I met someone who had their dog wearing a special brace on their leg and it makes me ponder if something like that might be an option for Patton. Either way, it sounds like you are doing everything you can to keep him quiet and pamper that joint/pain area. I do hope for the best.

    1. You’re BACK! He is back on pain meds and we will be seeing a specialist in a week or so… means a trip to Louisville… about a 5-hour roundtrip for him in the car… he is a good rider tho. Beth

  2. Maybe you just need to get one goat of your own.

    1. noooooo! goats. Next door is close enough! I’ve had a goat before… don’t need to do that again. Sheep maybe, alpacas yep… but not a goat.

  3. I like the new cow. Maybe he needs a friend. Sorry about Patton. We’re dealing with a dog and pain. Nothing we can do but make him comfortable as long as we can (he’s old, and probably won’t last the summer).

    1. As much as we would like to get the cow a friend, the pasture will only support 1 animal, (cow or horse) without having to buy hay. Of course in the winter we will have to buy hay, but during the growing season… the grass will be enough. Patton is on the generic Rimadyl and the price for that has come down in the last 20 years! Hugs for your oldie… that is the most difficult part of pets, they don’t last long enough! Beth

  4. Thanks for the fun update. Hope you can figure out how to make your puppy more comfortable. He is a beauty.

    1. So glad you are enjoying the updates! The critters have all the fun… we just get the joy of feeding! Although finally found treats March likes yesterday. Carrots, radishes, and butter lettuce. It rained yesterday so the pigs are really happy outside. Like their whole yard is mud!¬†
      Thanks for stopping by and reading and commenting. Beth

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