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National Quilting Day and Worldwide Quilting Day is Today!

I started quilting in the mid-1980s even before there was a National Quilting Day. It was officially adopted in 1991. See the history here.

National Quilting Day 2020 graphic
Are you celebrating?

In Kentucky, The National Quilting Day has gone largely noticed by the 3 guilds I belong to. And to some extent by myself as well. The 1st Annual Radcliff Quilt Show was to be this weekend. I Have A Notion was going to be there as a vendor. It was canceled due to the C-19 virus. I put a quilt with brilliant lime green… on the line in celebration of the day.

Airing a quilt for National Quilting Day 2020
“Just Do It With Zest” Quilt

Did you celebrate any special way today?

More Later- Beth

2 thoughts on “National Quilting Day and Worldwide Quilting Day is Today!

  1. What with checking on family all over, I didn’t even get to the sewing room till late. Not much stitching going on here, unfortunately.

    1. Yeah we had some family check in here too and more today, since Sunday is the traditional day for that around here. Hope you stay healthy and safe… and keep everyone at arms length!!! Beth

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