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More Springtime

My favorite season is spring. All the new springtime growth, especially the spring flowers that have a very short lifespan. But there was just a little more… than vegetation this week.

Some Visitors

new critters both wild and domestic. There are no new domestic critters, but recently a pair of wild ducks checked out the pond for a week or so. I guess they decided that it was too busy here for them and haven’t been here for 5 days or so. DARN!

Spring Visitors Blue Wing Teal Ducks
New Visitors

Not so wet

In the last post, I showed one of the creeks running full with a springtime rain, and this is what it looks like when the run-off is low and it disappears into the limestone rocks. Nearly taken in the same place!

Spring Full Creek now empty
Dry Creek when the rains stop


One afternoon I was thinking about some of the things I would miss about the yard in town. Each spring the wild grape hyacinths would pop up in the yard. There were only a few when we moved in and by the time we left the population had grown to about a hundred. Later in the day, I went out into the front yard here and to my surprise found a huge patch under the big oak tree! I have also noticed them in ditches and other yards when driving.

Spring Muscari patch
Muscari also known as Wild Grape Hyacinth

A Springtime Wildflower Meadow

Also, discovered that the little Spring Beauty wildflower from the last post not only grows in the forested parts, but there is a rather large meadow of them right outside the backyard fence!!! I have asked that it not be mowed for a while longer, so far the DH is complying, (however, I suspect its because he likes to eat!) The flower of the Spring Beauty is not much larger than a dime, so it takes lots of flowers to create a meadow!

Meadow of Spring Beauty wildflower
A whole Meadow of the Spring Beauty

A few springtime flowers from the yard

And lastly some domestic springtime blossoms. A double daffodil and a double ornamental cherry. There are a few clumps of this type of daffodil along the fringes of the treed areas of the yard. The daffs are done in both areas and the cherry tree now is mostly leafed out.

Quilty Gift

Lastly, I did have a bit of creative time. I assisted with the creation of a comfort quilt for a guild member. The Covid-19 issue hampered the creation a bit. “Simple Friendship Blocks” created by members of the guild, with encouraging messages and signatures. A good size throw quilt for on the go or napping. I was able to find the perfect springtime border fabric to make the block shine in Paducah.

Friendship Quilt with a Spring look
Comfort Quilt for a Guild Member

The quilt has been delivered just as the recipient received the good news from her physicians! I like to think it was all the prayers and good wishes that went into each of the blocks as they were being made, which helped create a positive outcome.

What is your favorite part of springtime?

More later- Beth

2 thoughts on “More Springtime

  1. I like to see the bright green (anything) poking out of the ground after a brown and gray season. I don’t think I have ever seen a double daffodil before.

  2. We had ducks walking around the neighborhood earlier this week. Years ago they would nest under a bush by my front door. Something would get the eggs every year. Thank goodness they don’t nest here anymore. Not many flowers here yet.

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