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more on Paradise… The Camp Fire

It has been a month since the Camp Fire started, yesterday. The numbers are out, as to the damage, homeless, dead and costs. It is staggering. The local paper, Chico Enterprise-Record, of course, is the closest news source for the Camp Fire news. This headline and story caught my eye.

The national news has stopped reporting on The Camp Fire. So we need to find other sources to keep up with the story and progress; or the lack of progress. I can’t believe it has been a month already! 

Now, that most of the short-term basic needs have been met; clothing, personal care, and general needs met, (food and laundry). Next are the long-term needs and they will take much much longer. The recovery institutions are slow movers, FEMA, Insurance and other agencies need piles of paperwork and proof.

How can we continue to Help? We can always send money to one of the local charity foundations (a few standout ones are named in the above article) adopt a family (Facebook article below), send sewing supplies (see next article) or make a donation quilt, (HoneyRun Quilt Store is offering to receive and distribute the quilts). Now that the “shell shock” has worn off, the grieving process has only begun regarding the loss of mementos, personal collections and favorite daily living items are mind-boggling.

Of course, there is BEER! The Sierra Nevada Resilient IPA can be found across the country at breweries (there is a map of breweries offering Resilient IPA across the country). We should see Resilient Beer in stores soon too. You can find more about the beer, the pledge, and the proceeds on the Sierra Nevada page. If the beer doesn’t float your boat, they are also offering a T-shirt.

More Later-Beth

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