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Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a family favorite holiday! In preparation, I have been cooking and baking up a storm.
There are 3 flavors of biscotti- cranberry orange, peppermint, and the favorite Cinnamon Bun. Some oatmeal cookies too. A cake to celebrate a birthday, it is just a plain vanilla cake but frosted with a peanut butter bourbon concoction! And lastly 3 pies, 2 cherry by request, and an apple pie. I have stumbled upon a new idea for a pie with bourbon in the filling. I will be trying the idea out for Christmas.

If you are saying yuck to the addition of bourbon, I don’t add enough to actually determine the addition. Just enough to add a back note of warmth. I have had lots of fun in the kitchen playing with bourbon. I mean if we buy a bottle at every distillery … we have to use it up somehow or run out of space to keep it.

I hope if you are traveling for the holiday or staying home, that you have the best time eating and visiting with your friends and family!

Happy Thanksgiving!

More later! Beth