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Guests and New Residents

We have guests and new residents. They all have 4 legs but they make different sounds. A short update on the K-9 residents too.

The Guests

3 Guests are Goats
the neighbor goats

Our neighbors have 3 nanny goats and that kept escaping from their enclosure. We offered our pasture to them until their pen is fixed. Of course, we had an ulterior motive. We were hoping they would make a dent in the growing pasture grass. Unfortunately, those 3 goats just couldn’t keep up. So we had to mow it.

The new Residents

This property came with some livestock areas already in place; a barn, a paddock, the pasture, and a small area for pigs complete with a wallow.

One of our neighbors had a lead on some pigs at just the perfect time. He was getting some for himself and offered to pick up 2 for us while he was at it. He got himself 8! Four females and 4 males. On Tuesday our 2 pigs arrived. Aren’t they cute? They currently weigh about 30-35 pounds, are about 6 weeks old The pigs are Yorkshire Breed will remain pink, and will grow to about 300 pounds each. Not that we need 2 pigs, but they like to have company so 2 it is. The male is Iggy Piggy, and the female is Piggie Ann. They should be at about 300 pounds by late October. UMMMM can you say bacon!!!

Lets Eat
Giving them a taste of the good life

They’ve had a bit of difficulty adjusting to the good life and stayed in the barn for the first couple of days. The pigs eat grain mix along with some kitchen scraps…They seem to currently be a bit picky. That will change as they get a bit older. The chickens sacrificed a few leaves of romaine… They were coaxed out of the barn into their yard. In the yard, the pigs discovered the mud -it was hog heaven. The only thing they are not too pleased with is the hot wire along the fence. They are learning about it in spurts!

The Canine Residents

I have posted about the cats and chickens, I haven’t posted much about the dogs. Mostly there wasn’t much to tell. Patton has been growing like a weed. Not too long ago, Patton was a big floppy footed puppy. The next thing we knew, he was bigger than Goldie. In April he began limping. A visit to the vet, an x-ray, and some meds. Patton has stopped limping after a week on the medication. His diagnosis was incomplete. We are hoping it is just a strain, and not something much worse, which the vet hinted at. At just 9 months old he weighs in at a solid 90 pounds. Goldie is just a bit shy of 3 years old and only weighs 60 pounds. When the big dogs play rough in the house, we know it!

Patton pup 9 months
he likes to lay like this- a bit like a pretze.

This is one of Pattons favorite ways to lay on the floor.

Now the new residents have been revealed. Is that the end of the fun? Nope. We have another new resident arriving soon!!! Anyone care to leave a guess?

More Later- Beth

4 thoughts on “Guests and New Residents

  1. heaven above, more. critters before you know you will have a full farm 😉 Patton has grown and that is one big boy. Cross my fingers it was only a strain. One more resident? Don’t tell me you are getting a cow LOL

    1. Thanks for the comment Wolfie! Patton is huge… big blocky fellow… and generally oh so gentle. He doesn’t realize exactly how heavy he is, but otherwise very gentle. You are going to have to wait… like everyone else to see what the new resident will be. We will soon be at full capacity tho!!! Beth

  2. Bacon, YUM! You have eggs to go with the bacon, now you need some milk (cows). Of course you also need a good steak dinner now and then, too.

    1. NOOOOOO cows for milking!!! Not getting up earlier and then I would have to do something with all that milk!!! Pigs are so funny. They found the wallow yesterday… it was hot!!! Now we no longer have cute pink pigs. They are very dirty pink pigs.

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