Moving, neighbors, and tenants

A couple of notes about Moving, the Neighbors and the current tenants.

The Moving

Moving is a stressful operation even when everything goes smoothly, and the tension goes up when the rails start to slip. But it’s done and we arrived in one piece… mostly!

moving truck
Moving In


On a short walk yesterday I discovered some of the neighbors. They are too far away to be heard, and I can sort of see them from the end of the driveway.

neighboring goats
Some of the neighbors

And the neighbors across the road. Although they are itinerant, as the farmer moves them from field to field.

cows in the field
Neighbors across the road

This morning I took a little stroll with the camera to capture the mist. The mist was not as interesting… so I will have to try again. But one of the local weavers was busy.

spiders web on a barbwire fence
A LOCAL Weaver


When I turned around the tenants were waiting for me.

the wild kittens
6 of the 7 wild kittens left

There are 7 altogether and they are afraid of humans. I am working on feeding and touching them. At least enough to capture for spaying and neutering, as well as some basic inoculations. I know both of the orange tigers are male, (only one is in the picture). The 3 dull orange and white patched kittens are friendliest, (center 3 white/orange)with the 2 brighter orange and white patched kittens (bookending the center four), are the shiest of the bunch. I don’t think they are all from the same mom, but certainly the same pop!!!

One of the neat things about moving and neighbors is getting to know them. Now you have a little view of the bigger neighbors. I have had a chance to meet some of the smaller neighbors too, and some are breathtaking! I’ll share them next time.

More Later! Beth

Woo Hoo!

Yes, I know a little quiet… on the blog. But I’m going to change that and catch you up…

No Chatter

I don’t know how some bloggers find anything to say… when in a waiting game. I can’t seem to think of anything worth talking about outside of the ‘major’ thing. Especially since it seems to affect every single aspect… can’t talk about sewing because its all boxed up, can’t share about what’s on the longarm, again because it’s in pieces, can’t share about life in general because it is all on hold!!! Can’t really share what is going on in the store, because most has been boxed or nearly impossible to get to. But if you order… I’ll make it happen!

The Creative Space empty
Not much creating going on in the Creative Space


Also, didn’t want to say too much or project our ambitions. Too often, the Universe takes the opportunity to get involved. You know Murphys Law! It has been a long 30 days waiting to close! We sat in the middle of a deal that had at least 3 moving parts, maybe more.

House with for sale sign
For Sale and Sold!

Where we are

So to catch you up to where we sit now. Both houses have closed. The one we are leaving has new owners! They are excited to live here. Which is just what we wanted. It has been a comfortable house, and large enough to accommodate both of our studios and a place for the dog(s).

Front of the house
The front of the house

Where we’re going

A few hours later, we closed on the new place. The Owner is looking forward to a place with nearly the same amount of land, but a smaller house. We, on the other hand, are looking forward to more space inside and especially more space outside!!


Moving trucks arrive on Monday. Yes, trucks! The road will not accommodate a big semi and trailer, so we will make the move over 2 days. The new place is close; about 1/2 hour in a car, a bit more in a truck or two.

and Next

There are some changes we are going to make inside. A couple of wall modifications, (doorways being closed/added), and new flooring on the main and upper level as well as paint. Lots of paint!!! The original owner was also a quilter.

Bedrooms with Quilts
The 3 bedrooms with quilts

The difficult parts have been accomplished. Deciding on the colors, types, and styles. Next living through implementation!!! Needless to say, the above picture shows why we need to paint, there are other rooms that also depict a reason to paint too.

How do you not talk about the elephant in the room?