Welcome! Welcome, Welcome!!!

Welcome to the new I HAVE A NOTION  Digs!!!

Around the end of April… I discovered that there was a cap on the bandwidth, unbeknownst to me.¬† Of all the things I didn’t know; that one was the most frustrating. So I made the decision that if I was going to have to pay more… (new host, new format, new platform) then I was going to be more modern too.

If you have regularly visited the I Have a Notion blog, then you know that there have been some attempts at liquidating some of the original stock that came with the name. I had been hoping it would go on its own… but I am giving it one last push.. on the Clearance Page. Take a look might be something you didn’t know you needed, wanted, might use!!!

So the old blog at www.ihaveanotion.blogspot.com will still be live for a little while. Some of the articles, tutorials, and maybe even some post revisits… might happen. There is still much to be done over here.

To help CELEBRATE… there are PRIZES… books, thread, tools, toys, etc… to GIVE AWAY!

(and just a little sharing here… had planned to use Rafflecopter… but they don’t work with WordPress, BOO!)

So Plan B…. We’ll start today with a book, a toy and a tool. Winners will be randomly drawn and announced on Wednesday August 1st, 7 pm, from the comments left on this blog post. Please share with your friends, family, community. Want more opportunities, find ihaveanotion on Facebook and #ihaveanotion on Instagram… there will some games over there too.

Please let me know if you come across something revolutionary!!! quiltnotions@gmail.com

In the meantime… take a look around!

More Later -Beth