Quilt Show

Last weekend the local quilt guild had our annual quilt show “Heartland of Kentucky Quilt Show. We set up on Thursday for a Friday and Saturday Show. This was where I spent all 3 days and I shared a REVOLUTIONARY new ironing product! 

The Booth

ihaveanotion.com had a booth at the show, I think I am going to need some more quilts for the tables! I had a blast. I love meeting quilters and helping them find just the right tool to help them make the most of their sewing, cutting, ironing  or creative time. It is precious.

A ‘Revolutionary’ sewing room aid

I think I have found one of those REVOLUTIONARY tools for the sewing space or household. I had heard of these “spray misting bottles” a few months ago and before there was one for the sewing industry! They were either black or white and only available at beauty supply stores for the professionals and retailing at a much higher price.  I started using one… immediately and I LOVE it. It was featured prominently to show this special spray bottle off at the quilt show. I set up an ironing station with a fabric that would show moisture so I could share… the REVOLUTIONARY benefits… and the poor quality spray we were using from ordinary spray bottles. So what makes them so special?

The Benefits

1 The first benefit is the super fine mist that the bottle produces. No large or super large drops are deposited on the fabrics that then have to be dried instead of just pressing out the wrinkles.

2 Benefit 2 is there a pump built in, so one pull on the trigger delivers a continuous spray, (about  1.5 cc’s) and will spray continuously with multiple pulls. Also if you only want a little… you can spot shot, with short pulls. No hand fatigue…. from pulling on a trigger from a dime store spray bottle that can’t decide if it spits or sprays.

3 And third is the ability to spray 360 including upside down!!!  It will spray right down to the last drop of moisture in the bottle. How helpful would that be? 

Its not a Plain Jane

Fill it with water or your favorite pressing aid. I use a homemade ‘pressing aid’ and I include the recipe with your order and it comes in 3 different designs.

Iron Maiden
Color Therapy
Quilt Shops

Have I intrigued you with the “newest tool” to make your time creating more productive? Check it out over here! What do you use at your ironing board?

More Later! Beth


How did a week or more go by? Well I did have the intention to write a post before today… and then got sidetracked… I’m sure none of you know how that goes….

So what has kept me from you?


My car loaded for a quilt show. I had much to do to get ready. You might think that I procrastinated and had a lot of last minute … stuff to do. Not so. But it sure takes time to tuck supplies/stock into containers for transport and using all the available space without causing more confusion… than necessary for the unpacking. As you can see there is still a bit of space… but I really don’t have anything that small to put there.

Today we not only set up the booths but the show goes up as well and since I am a member of the guild I will spend the first part of the day assisting in setting up the show, (building the frames and hanging the quilts), and then spend the remainder of the day setting up the booth space.

So if you find you have some time over the weekend and are anywhere near Elizabethtown Kentucky. The show is at the Pritchard Center- 404 S Mulberry St, Elizabethtown KY k42701.

There are about 400 quilts and 20 vendors… so there is plenty to see!!!

What are your plans for the weekend? If you are in “Florence country”…. let us know how you are weathering the storm. In ‘place’ or bugged out”?

More Later! (after QS recovery!)


Behind the Curtain

Things at IHaveANotion are once again busy behind the scenes.


Locally, the other guild (I belong to 2) is having their annual Quilt Show in September. The show set up is on Thursday and of course the show will be on Friday and Saturday. I will have a full 2 weeks of preparation!!! for sure. Lots of little details to pull together. I have a huge respect for those that do this several weeks… in a row! A couple of times a year… is almost enough for me.


So if you are passing through… stop in for some eye candy and vendors.

IHaveANotion will be there… too.

So getting ready is taking up lots of time!!!! and energy! But I love meeting people and sharing… the quilty life! So my time will be well spent.


Speaking of quilty life… I just had to add a little something to my car…

that subtly indicates that a quilter is driving!

and a sneak peek at what I am working on…. in the Creative Space


If I don’t see you …. over the weekend…  Have a Great End of Summer and Labor Day holiday!