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Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018! Today is the day we celebrate our Freedoms before we knew quite what our country was going to be.

Its a day we generally celebrate with family and friends and good food.

My job was pies! 2 cherry because last time…. I only made one… not enough pieces! and an apple. 

holiday pies

Several are looking forward to turkey and pie this year at the table!

Hope you are celebrating with family or friends, or both. 

Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

Beth and Goldie

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Coping with Winter Weather!

Winter weather has come early to Kentucky. For once the weather person pretty nailed the winter weather. 

Its not like Kentucky doesn’t have winter, but this stuff doesn’t usually plague us in November. First a wave of cold air and then a very cold rain for a very short time, which then turned into sleet and freezing rain into the late evening. It stopped raining in the middle of the night.

When we got up in the morning… our predicted winter weather was here! Ice covered everything and we still had power! We had Internet for about 15 minutes but of course it went down. So we switched to our wireless devices to Hotspot. That lasted for about 20 minutes and then the whole Cellular system went down. Cell phones came back up around lunchtime and we had about 2 hours of Cable around dinner time  for the news and a little entertainment TV, and then boom out again.

Many of the BIG trees in the neighborhood suffered some damage… Our little birch tree in the backyard was resting on the fence from the weight of the ice, but I can happily report that it is upright today, but it has a new curve to the trunk!

While a coating of ice makes life a little more problematic, it does make the ordinary look extraordinary… warning… a few pictures below!!! 

iced over oak leaves
Oak Leaves.
ice on silver maple leaves
ice on maple leaves
Iced Ford truck
ice on a Ford truck
iced pine needles
pine needles covered in ice, does this look like a quilting design to anyone else?
iced over oak leaves
Iced crab apples (ornamental)
ice on a silver maple bud
ice on silver maple buds
Iced Rose bloom
iced rose

Today, we have sunshine with high clouds moving in. The ice has melted. Clear weather through Thanksgiving! Hopefully you haven’t been too bored with the pictures… above. Tell me what you think of them. I’d love to hear! 

More Later! Beth

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Sew-in Purse Frame

What do you do with one?

 The Sew-in Purse Frames (the 3-inch square-ish style) came with the “I Have a Notion” store. But what to do with them was the problem.

photo of the coin purse frames
The shape of the frames

There were no patterns or instructions for making something like a ‘coin purse’ on the shelves or in the books. I Have A Notion has 2 frames,  this “No Brand One” and the Ellen Medlock version (both appear to be very similar except for packaging). Back in the spring an Internet search did very little to assist with the problem as far a “free” pattern went. So an idea to create our own pattern became the plan.

No Pattern on the Internet… that seemed suitable for a quick Project

A Plan!

As you can probably guess, a little of the Creative Time consisted of pattern making. Actually a couple of patterns are in the works or planning stages, but this one is complete!

The original design, created earlier in the year, did not have a pleasing shape. So a change was contemplated.

First design of Coin Purse

So a redo and Eureka! Much happier with the look. The Pattern is very simple and only requires 4 seams and a little edge finishing at the machine. A bit hand stitching and Viola! A little purse! 

2 coin purses from different fabrics
Of course after finding a look we like… we had to play.

After making 2 from the new pattern, a bit more fiddling of the pattern and 2 more were made and some decoration added.

Beaded Coin Purses
These 2 have been decorated… with some beads

I wonder how many is too many?

Wouldn’t it make a perfect Holiday or Birthday gift for ‘Secret Santa or Sister, Sewing Bee, Office or Club Gift Exchange. Personalize it using fabrics that reflect the recipients loves or hobbies. Perfect for a stocking stuffer, stuffed with some personal care items? 

How long do they take?

They go together in about an hour… maybe a little more for the first one. After that they whip up; and coming up with all the different combinations of fabric and design opportunities to personalize makes it so much fun!
The PDF pattern is FREE when you purchase this Sew-in Coin Purse Frame or this Ellen Medlock Sew-in Coin Purse Frame from The Pattern will be sent via email.

View of inside of Coin Purse and notions
look stuffed with NOTIONS!

With several Holiday Gatherings coming up, I plan to make some from ‘novelty sewing notion’ fabrics and one or two from Motorcycle fabrics for the gift exchanges!!!

More Later- Beth