Speedbumps in November

Speed Bumps and detours in the technology department have slowed things down and created a log jam. Don’t you just hate the kind that we don’t see coming or have no control over? That happened in the midst of writing a mid-November post! WordPress and the site host had a security incursion. Access was at risk. I am happy that they were “Jonny on the Spot”. But telling us would have been better than telling the media first!!! The speedbump was locking everyone out and requiring resetting passwords, but they didn’t tell us that. Not in the press release or email, until well after the fact. I know others that had a worse time of it than I did, but I really did want to post before the Thanksgiving Holiday… Just so I wouldn’t find myself in just this place. Too much to do and not enough time to get it all done.

asphalt speed bump
photo courtesy: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Speed_bump_(asphalt).jpg

Speedbumps on the Road

At the end of the early November post, I mentioned a workshop. The planning began two years ago. A friend, Linda, and I booked a workshop/retreat in Wisconsin. We were unable to get into the 2020 workshop, so we booked the one in 2021. Since 2020 was canceled it was a good thing we had to book so far out. The travel was about 800 miles each way, but we planned to do it over 2 days and try to visit some quilt shops along the way. We were only able to visit one on the way up for 2 reasons. 1 it was a Sunday and 2 we had a little tire pressure detour that took way too long to resolve. On Monday we really wanted to visit a quilt shop, but there were some “over the top” COVID requirements and we had to leave enough time to fulfill them. We did, and both tested negative for COVID for the second time in 3 days.

Workshop Odometer reading
Odometer reading to Wisconson.


The workshop was with Susan Carlson on her method of collage quilting. Because of the restrictions, we were masked and social distancing; so I don’t think we got as much out of this as we might have if we were free to mingle and communicate without the COVID restrictions. A detour for attendance required proof of vaccination and two negative COVID tests, which required additional planning.

slogan to get vaccinated. Please
If you haven’t please consider it, so we can be done with this and get back to real life!

Overall, I did enjoy the workshop, but not as much as I would have if things were different. I will rethink, in-person workshops, if we have an instructor that has this much fear. As life going forward looks to me, COVID will be a very big hiccup in life and all we can do is do our part for friends, family, and our community. Get vaccinated, maintain sanitation, and wear a mask when out and about in public with strangers.

The Creations

Iggy Piggy in fabric
Iggy in Fabric

My idea was to use a pattern from Ms. Carlson, the sun. I hit a speedbump getting started. Ms. Carlson suggested switching to the subject I really wanted to do. Iggy Piggy! Just before lunch, I had the line drawing fleshed out and began collaging a pig in fabric. I started with the snout and next on to the feet. Iggy was pretty much done before lunch Thursday. There was still a day and a half left, so I quickly put all the pig fabric away and got the sun back out along with all the sunny fabrics. I made a good start on the sun. Iggy stayed on the wall as I retired for the evening, overnight classmates added a detail. Ms. Carlson has a slide show of all the efforts and progress of everyone over the 5 days on her website, SusanCarlson.com (scroll down the page a bit).

The Detours of Life

So, why has it taken this long to post again? LIFE! the month of December has been one big speedbump. In our house, there has been 1 total knee replacement, (not me). A major change in who does what, (all me). A stormy tornado-filled weekend, (we are fine, but others in Kentucky are not). A K-9 health emergency, (Patton is an epileptic, an added complication). Some holiday baking, (all me). Some quilting, (me again and nearly late for the new arrival). A stopover houseguest twice, (a small diversion). Never mind the small little shifts that pile up… when you are not looking!

Patton had a speed bump. 2 Epileptic seizures in a week.

In the end, I hope that you have all made it through 2021 on a reasonably smooth road with fewer speedbumps I have had! That that you have the Merriest Holidays, enjoy your family time and experience a Joyous, Prosperous & Healthy New Year!!!

More Later! Beth

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a family favorite holiday! In preparation, I have been cooking and baking up a storm.
There are 3 flavors of biscotti- cranberry orange, peppermint, and the favorite Cinnamon Bun. Some oatmeal cookies too. A cake to celebrate a birthday, it is just a plain vanilla cake but frosted with a peanut butter bourbon concoction! And lastly 3 pies, 2 cherry by request, and an apple pie. I have stumbled upon a new idea for a pie with bourbon in the filling. I will be trying the idea out for Christmas.

If you are saying yuck to the addition of bourbon, I don’t add enough to actually determine the addition. Just enough to add a back note of warmth. I have had lots of fun in the kitchen playing with bourbon. I mean if we buy a bottle at every distillery … we have to use it up somehow or run out of space to keep it.

I hope if you are traveling for the holiday or staying home, that you have the best time eating and visiting with your friends and family!

Happy Thanksgiving!

More later! Beth

Life Happens While Making Plans

Life seems to happen while you are making plans. And yes it happens to me all the time. You? I can’t decide if I should catch you up… or just press on as if nothing has gone off the rails. October did not quite go as planned!

Posts and Errors

There was a plan to create a post. I got it done, but then the life part happened. The website and the blog experienced some technical glitches. One that greeted you with a blank page at IHaveANotion.com and the other would not allow comments. Several days and phone calls later fixed!!! Not what I had planned for the day or the rest of the week.

Web Error

Next up the software, I use to publish the store had some updates. Yep, Another error. This is where the blog post actually disappeared. The “help” is all by email and takes considerably longer. So the blog plan was put off.

Of course, life just kept going but the whole design for the week went out the window.

The Plan for Fall

To catch you up a bit, In late October I Have A Notion, had another booth. It was further away from home so the drive to and fro was longer! After this one, I needed a day of rest! Definitely, not part of the plan! I was so tired I seriously considered not doing them anymore but I do love to be live and not just online! I was so out of time that I totally forgot I had planned to take pictures! I will wait until next year… I already have at least 2 venues scheduled, waiting on information about number 3. All early in the spring. One in Louisville and one in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Contented Plans
Momma and her calf

Since I didn’t take a picture of the setup I thought I would share this cow and calf. They were in the field across the road and look so content and doesn’t that calf look comfortable and loved!

Plans On The Farm

So, here on the farm life is mostly going along with the plan. This week all the trees are showing color. The Poplar trees are all mostly yellow, most of the Maples are showing the reds and oranges, and this year the Oaks again are showing lots of colors too. The skies have been mostly gray, so the glory of the color is not really visible. The weather will turn cold next week. that means most of the show is over. The leaves will fall.

fall leaves
The life of the Red Maple is going to to pause mode, but not before showing awesome color

The plan for the pigs is almost complete. The pigs took a ride. Similar to the old saying ‘A long walk off a short pier”. These two were not as nice or as endearing as Iggy Piggy or Piggy Ann. They also were not as cute. I know, when is 400 pounds ever really cute? But I think in this case the personality made all the difference. These two did not have any personalities and fought over just about everything, food, treats, and attention. However, we are looking forward to BACON!

The Pig Plan
Bye Bye Pigs

The ‘Cow boys’ are enjoying life with the cooler weather. During the heat of summer, they did most of their grazing in the night… and laid in the deepest shade in the pasture during the day. There is a very large strip of shade that never sees the sun in the summer and that is where they spent their days. Now they graze and lay about in many places out there.

Patton has turned 2!

Dog Life

Patton turned 2, a few weeks ago and Goldie turned 4 shortly after! Patton seems to have outgrown his shoulder issue (possibly shoulder dysplasia). Doctore suggested reducing his activity, weight, and Glucosamine. We did, and it worked! He is almost back to his 1-year-old weight of 90 pounds. He is looking good. Goldie is the same weight and also looks great. You might think she was the younger dog!!!

Coming Up

I am making plans for a week-long workshop in Wisconsin this month. The long list of supplies, fabrics, and of course, the necessities for personal appearance. Preparing to travel feels very strange, especially since my last trip was to Houston in 2019. I will try to remember to take pictures and share about the workshop. When I get back!

More Later! Beth