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Behind the Curtain

Things at IHaveANotion are once again busy behind the scenes.


Locally, the other guild (I belong to 2) is having their annual Quilt Show in September. The show set up is on Thursday and of course the show will be on Friday and Saturday. I will have a full 2 weeks of preparation!!! for sure. Lots of little details to pull together. I have a huge respect for those that do this several weeks… in a row! A couple of times a year… is almost enough for me.


So if you are passing through… stop in for some eye candy and vendors.

IHaveANotion will be there… too.

So getting ready is taking up lots of time!!!! and energy! But I love meeting people and sharing… the quilty life! So my time will be well spent.


Speaking of quilty life… I just had to add a little something to my car…

that subtly indicates that a quilter is driving!

and a sneak peek at what I am working on…. in the Creative Space


If I don’t see you …. over the weekend…  Have a Great End of Summer and Labor Day holiday!


4 thoughts on “Behind the Curtain

  1. I want to see more of those cute chickens. Setting up a booth takes more time than most people think. I only set up machines, but, even trying to figure out what machines to bring, and packing them up (with cards listing machine info for each machine) takes lots of time. Good luck, and hope you get lots of sales.

    1. Oh yes… the time!!! Everything seems to take lots and lots of time.

  2. Good to hear IHAN will be at the upcoming show. I hope all goes well. BTW – I was able to get your new blog URL added to My Creative Blog List: Moving blog URLs/hosts can be a pain, creating loss of followers. I’ll try to help where I can to increase awareness of your new address. I think blogger also allows you a redirect of your old url to your new, which would help to minimize loss. If this doesn’t make sense, email me and I can help 2nd half of September (traveling until mid-September)

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the redirect and the add to your list. I didn’t even know you had a ‘Blog Roll’! I am not quite sure how I am going to handle the old blog…. lots of information on there…. Enjoy your travels!!! Hopefully you are going somewhere that less fire prone!!!
      Happy Creating (Traveling)- Beth

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