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Behind, but Catching Up!

I am behind in almost all aspects!!!

I don’t know what happened to the days when I could sit for hours in the morning, working or playing on the computer. Now once I step away from the screen I rarely ever get back to it.

Butts in the Pasture and Barn

There are only two behinds in the pasture. Sir Loin took a very short ride recently and will soon be in the freezer. We have picked out the replacement cow and he should be here in the next couple of weeks. His name is ‘Stew’.

Sir Loin leaving in the trailer
Bye-bye Sir Loin

This week we have added 3 new butts to the barn too. Three little piggies this year. Two boys and 1 girl. Yesterday I went in and hand-fed them some treats. We want them to be friendlier than the pigs from last year.

3 Little Pigs
3 Little Pigs

We have worked our butts off. Just about any day that has temperatures warm enough to be outdoors we have been. The pasture fence needed some repairs. We spread the work out from January to March. The cows will stay contained.

Yardwork too

A chore in arrears was from October of last year, an oak tree died close to our house power line. The power company topped the tree, so if the dead tree fell would not take out the power line. Between October and March, it was either too cold or too wet to deal with the treetop. A nice day in early March found us picking up the winter deadfall, and we decided to attack the tree. We cleaned most of it up in one morning.

Dead tree bing topped
Dead Tree is being topped by the power company.

Guests and Accommodations

Looking ahead and to keep from getting behind, again. During March I worked on the other guest rooms. We have a full house arriving for Easter weekend. Kids, grandkids, a nephew, and a great-niece!!! 2 of the extra bedrooms still needed some furniture and decor. Done.

Guest Room
Another room ready for guests

Very little on the creative front… Last year I offered to teach a hand applique class. I am a substitute instructor. I have not done hand appliqued in years. So I had to update my skills, and create samples and materials. Working on the handout now. The samples and examples are ready. I will cover 4 methods for the applique preparation and the all-important ‘stitch’.

I try… to keep up… but I often have nothing to share or I am not in a place to share… But I love having a reader or two, so thanks for sticking around! Beth

2 thoughts on “Behind, but Catching Up!

  1. I still enjoy seeing your posts. I can’t imagine having the farm responsibilities! Love your cow naming! We seem to stay busy enough with Walter the pug, children and grandchildren, and our hobbies. I still am quilting, and we are actually attempting to get an addition built to become a bigger studio space for me. We are headed to Florida soon with the entire family to see our older daughter graduate with her doctorate in education and then a visit to Disney.

    1. I miss your blogging and keeping up with you… I have to say a few things have suffered since acquiring the farm!!! I do love getting comments tho!!! Beth

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