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and wait, there was more!

Aside from all the things keeping me busy in the last post… there was MORE!

In September I Have A Notion had a booth at a quilt show. The local Elizabethtown Kentucky Heartland of Kentucky Quilt Show. They have a show every year. This year there were 500 quilts on display and 22 vendors. It was a very busy 2 days.

Quilt Show Booth at Heartland of Kentucky Quilt Show 2019
The Booth Space before setting up and after

The move added a bit more stress to the show hours for me. I used to live just a few minutes away, but now with the time change, it takes about an hour and a half to go 40 miles! There is a time change between here and there… so in the morning you lose an hour, but you get it back on the way home!

there was More summer than we could take!

I’m not sure if where you live was unusually hot the tail end of the summer, but it sure was here. The month of September felt more like August. It was so unseasonably warm and dry in Kentucky. The pond water level dropped more than 2 feet, the grass dried up and a few of the trees have already lost their leaves.

Mr Meanie
and there is more with a cat, the low water at the pond

and then a taste of winter!

And then it got cold! Frost and freeze warnings overnight. So all the tender plants have been moved. May need to move them again. The pond was shrouded in fog this morning (but that has been so even in the heat), and when I went out to feed the “feline tenants” I found a Wolly Bear Caterpillar.

and there is more weather coming
The woolly bear caterpillar—also called woolly worm and fuzzy worm—has the reputation of being able to forecast the coming winter weather. … The wider the rusty brown sections (or the more brown segments there are), the milder the coming winter will be. The more black there is, the more severe the winter.

You tell me, what you see… Brown? anywhere? Me neither!!!

on the creative front

nope, not more. I was hoping by now to be doing something quilt related. But not yet. I did wash and hang a quilt out to dry on the clothesline. A quilt I had hoped to have quilted for the booth table this year. Funny how things never go as planned. It is a salvage, holes, and tears in it, so it will need some creative patches, (you can see where I made an attempt at the creative… patching), I am going to redo it with more pizzazz and then quilt it rather densely, edge to edge.

Vintage Quilt Top
and there is more, a vintage quilt top to be quilted for the booth…. someday!

What are you working on creatively? Are you looking toward Christmas yet?

More later -Beth

4 thoughts on “and wait, there was more!

  1. I’m not looking forward to this winter, especially since I have to drive in it everyday now. Wish you could be here for the Pride of the Prairie quilt show in March. Maybe you need another visit with Chris around then.

    1. The good news here is it should be milder than your winter… but then again, we are in climate change conditions. Not looking forward to winter, but the summer was brutally warm. I may have to consider a visit!!! Beth

  2. We are in a bit of a warm snap up here in South Ontario, Canada. The trees have finally turned beautiful shades of orange and red, but have yet to shake their leaves off. It’s very late for us. Normally we have a light snowfall before Halloween….but not in the last couple years.

    Our Woolly Bears have a large brown belly section this year….when it’s milder, it means more snow. Last year it was a terribly cold winter and not as much snow, everyone lost so many plants and trees to the freeing and thawing that took place all winter long.

    Hopefully this winter brings a lot of snow and less freezing cold.

    1. Michelle,
      All the way down here in Kentucky… we had the same type of winter the last couple of years. Really cold with some snow and some ice. Generally, KY is milder cold enough to snow, but not keep it around for more than 24 hours or so. The drought played havoc with the leaves. I was really hoping to see some awesome fall color across the cow pasture, but not much this year. Stay warm and drop by again!! I love hearing from everyone. Beth

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