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An update in pictures

because if we wait until I have enough time to write… it will be 2020!!! So I have an update with pictures and a few words.

the chickens
The “Girls”

New additions. Chickens in the coop. 6 hens about 5 months old now. Should be laying soon? Hopefully soon some eggs, color from light green to robins egg blue! They are a breed called Cream Legbar, supposed to be calm and friendly. So far, it is true. Will be letting them out to free-range a couple of hours each day. These girls love bugs.

our Agent
Our Real Estate Agent testing the facilities

When we were looking… for a place. This fellow accompanied our agents. He has his own business cards too. I told him that if we bought the place, he could pick out a chicken and give it a name. He came out in late August, chose his bird and named her Lucy. So 2 have names, Lucy and Ethel. Possibly a 3rd has a name too, Piggy Anne, she is always front and center for kitchen scraps.

pasture to the house view
The view from the pasture to the house

The pasture, around the pond and the yard are all mowed and short! It looks so neat!!! Just needs a large hoofed creature to make it complete.

pond progress
The Pond looking better

And last, the pond with about 90% of the cattails cut down or removed. They are hard to kill, but we are working on it.

There is so much more to share… but alas my usual lament. NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY!!! So there you have it… and update in pictures.

More Later! Beth

6 thoughts on “An update in pictures

  1. Now you can get to the water in the pond. Maybe you need a couple of cows. You can name the rooster ‘Ricky’.

    1. Nope, no rooster. Neighbors already each have one… One has a great crow and the other one sounds like a bad Karaoke singer trying to impersonate a real one!!! Hoping for some Guineas in the spring… which will free-range… all the time. Beth

  2. Glad to see the update. Love the photos.

    1. Yep, I have had to make some good use of time decisions… and the blog has suffered. I think I like the mornings outside better than the evenings!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! Beth

  3. Love the updated version, so far. I’m not doing any painting. (I hate painting!) But I am taking care of several animals. I have two mini horses, two lambs, five chickens, two dogs, two cats and two parakeets. They keep me busy on rotation cleaning up after them, feeding and watering daily. We’re getting ready for the cold, it was in the 30’s last night and supposed to remain that way for a while…I’m thinking a Loooong while!
    We moved on the weekend of the 13th in September, so there’s that. When we moved to the last place I said that was it, I am never moving again. Then we found this beautiful property not too far from the old one and we moved. I am trying to get my sewing room put together, ASAP. I have itchy sewing fingers.
    I’ve almost written you a novel! Hope to see more updates from you! I am happy I am not the only one doing household changes!

    1. Claudia… your novel sounds much like mine! Not as many critters to care for yet (I count that cats as one) and the chickens are easy… so far. This is the last place for us, “God willing and the creek don’t rise”. We will have some other critters (hopefully a horse for me to ride) but I am holding off until I can see light at the end of the tunnel, so far it is the speeding train! Not the end of the tunnel. Sewing room set up is still a little ways off. Boo!!! Thanks for your update. I have not been reading too many other blogs or other info recently, so I have not been keeping up very well at all. Beth

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