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I Have A Notion™ started down the road to New a little more than a year ago when the web site crashed. So a new web site, new stock, and well, almost new everything! The web will always be a work in progress, but the key elements are in place.


Chaco Liner Silver Pen Style by Clover

Along with a new look, new stock and products are added all the time. Not just the newest hottest things, but the tried and true. Products that have stood the test of time and continue to work as well as the day they were introduced. Clover Chaco Liner Pens or the Sewline Ceramic Chalk Pencils, both create super fine chalk lines. In addition, adding the new innovative products that will help guide us down the road of creativity, either by updating a process or by making the current process easier or better. Like the new Wool Pressing Mats are hands down the best thing to happen to block pressing.

Buy Right

Misting Spray Bottles
The best thing to happen to the pressing station

Granted retail is based on the ever-increasing cycle of buy, buy, buy and I don’t disagree, but let’s buy right! The best thing your ironing station has ever seen. The Misting Spray Bottle for your pressing of fabric, blocks or if you longarm relaxing a quilt top, backing or batting without a soaking.

Bang for your Buck!

Quilters Select 12.5 inch ruler lable

We can buy ourselves into bankruptcy by constantly upgrading before ever really learning to use what we have. Part of my job is sourcing useful tools that do their job well for the cost. To that end, I Have A Notion™ is searching out the best tools for the best price. The goal at I Have A Notion™ is to stock the ‘better’ category of products where it is possible. Not the lowest priced and not the top of the line products and focus on the best bang for the buck. I recently found the Quilters Select Line of Rulers, they make ruler slipping a thing of the past! They are for left & right-handed quilters (measurements go both ways) and have lots of cutting lines and angles making them very valuable at the cutting table. The value will be there, if not by price, then through the value of the benefits.

You get to Choose

Showing the Beam n Read Lights
The Beam n Read Personal Hands Free Lights, Violet and Black

Where there is only one good choice that is the one you will find here. Like the Beam n Read Personal Hands-Free Light. Usefulness and value in one. If there is more than one choice, then you get to make the decision on which is best for you.

Need a Little Help?

Still not sure… drop me a line [email protected] or 270-242-9900. I will assist you in any way I can because I believe in ‘old school’ retail. I would rather have you leave the store happy than dissatisfied and if I don’t have it I will try and help you find it.

10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Is the Easy Reach Thread Carosel still available? I can’t find it anymore.

    1. These are no longer stocked, however, I did find a couple of sources for you. I can’t tell you anything about them, I’d call first… http://www.rivercrestsewingcenter.com/GiftIdeas.html or https://www.bbbriick.com/Carousel-Thread-Rack-p/ctr-12240.htm. Good Luck!!! Beth

  2. Is you More William Morris Applique book still available? Is it brand new?

    1. Yes, the book in stock and it is new and unused. Can I answer any other questions?


  3. Super fast shipping! Can’t wait to try out my new sizzix die! Thank you!

    1. Darcey! I do hope you have fun with the die!! I know I make great use of my dies when I need to create faster than scissors can cut!!! Beth

  4. You are the best! Thank you for such personal service, beautiful packaging and great pricing!

    1. Mallary! I am so HAPPY that you are happy! My main goal in this little endeavor! Beth

  5. On my search for Country Applique patterns, I came across Santa with His LIst pattern, do you still have it available? Or any Country Applique Santa patterns?

    1. No, I’m sorry it has been gone along time. That post was written on the old blog 10 years ago!!!

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