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2019 Online Quilters Meet & Greet

2019 Online Quilters Meet and Greet
Visit blogs that may be new to you or old friends already on the 2019 Quilters Meet and Greet Blog Hop.

Welcome to I Have A Notion stop of the 2019 Online Quilters Meet & Greet. Benita of Victoriana Quilt Designs surprised me with the invitation to join this year, and I am flattered, to say the least! I found the 2018 Quilters Meet and Greet last year and discovered several new to me blogs.

A Little Bit About Me

Beth Hunter
Beth Hunter

I have been quilting for more than 30 years, and before that, it was garments and craft sewing. My quilting began with hand piecing and hand quilting, but now I do most of my work by machine. Most of what I create are original designs and created most often by’Playing the What If’ game. We have just recently moved from in-town to the country in Kentucky. We have a little 10-acre farm, complete with a barn, a chicken coop, a shop, a house, and a POND! The local cows and cats outnumber the neighbors, which is just what we wanted.

My Favorite Quilt- “today”

Today my favorite quilt is the “Chicken Dance” quilt. I like it because it makes me smile. Making it was so much fun and believe it or not it is a scrap quilt. I started it in 2009… with the chickens, (but moving to South Africa kind of got in the way of quilting!), and eventually finished it in 2013. The most difficult part was finding a setting layout for the chicken blocks, after that the rest was easy! Nobody said quilts had to be made fast. The Chicken Dance is soon to be a pattern! It is almost as much fun on the back as it is on the front. And yes the front is shadowing through… the back. I little miscommunication with the quilter, it should have been a double batt, a cotton batting plus a wool batting.

Front and back of the Chicken Dance Quilt
Chicken Dance Quilt front and back

What is “I Have A Notion™”

“I Have A Notion” is an online sewing notions and tools store. Sourcing quality products to help you create and stitch. I purchased I Have A Notion™ in 2016, from a friend (Kelly Jackson) and moved it from Ohio to Kentucky. The store has undergone several changes and improvements over the last couple of years. Adding new products and creating a new web site. I should complete some web chores that I still need to do… but hey… I like to create with fiber, not just pixels.

Best Products

One of the goals at “I Have A Notion™” is to carry top-notch useful products to support sewing and quilting enthusiasts. Offering the top of the line products and often, a lesser-known brand, if both are good… then probably both are stocked. Before adding new products, I test for features or benefits or if they meet the claims made. If they make the cut, I add them to the stock. Some of the best NEW tools I have found: are the Misting Spray Bottles for using at your pressing station, along with a Wool Pressing Mat. Both will change your quilt pressing routine!

The Misting Spray Bottles and Wool Pressing Mats
Two of the best pressing aids ever- Fine Misting Spray bottles and Wool Pressing Mat

The Newest Addition

Is the Beam and Read Personal Light in Violet. If you do handwork and need a little better lighting on the project at hand. Then this is the light for you. Originally developed for individuals with vision difficulties it has proven to be one of the best handsfree work lights ever! I have started using one whenever I am doing handwork on the go.

Showing the Beam n Read Lights
The Beam n Read Personal Hands-Free Lights, Violet or Black

The 2019 Online Quilters Meet & Greet features many other quilters. To win prizes, you will need to go to the main page of the 2019 Quilters Meet and Greet to enter for prizes. Click the button to go.

press the button to enter for prizes on the 2019 Online Quilters Meet & Greet
Click here to enter the contest to win a PRIZE!

While you are hopping about meeting the other bloggers, I hope you leave a comment and share your findings with friends on social media or your own blogs!!! Add your favorites to your blog reader (I use Feedly), so you can keep up with new friends too.

Thanks for stopping by and come back for “more later!” Beth

44 thoughts on “2019 Online Quilters Meet & Greet

  1. Those chickens dancing have me smiling, and you are right, in my opinion, there is not a time limit on when a quilt gets finished. At least I hope not, because if so, I’m in a heap of trouble. Haha! I have those products, all three of them, and they are worth every penny!

    1. Oh yes, I would be in the same heap of trouble!!! I still have many others to complete!!! I’m happy you concur with the great products and the value. Great Minds and all that best stuff!!! Thanks for stopping by and the comment! Beth

  2. What a fun quilt.

    1. Thank you!! I’m glad you like it. It was very fun to make!!! Pattern coming soon.

  3. I love fun quilts so thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting and I am so glad you like fun quilts too!!! Beth

  4. Yes, I love that quilt as well. Sometimes it takes me a long while to complete a quilt, so glad you don’t set a limit (I don’t either)

    1. Thanks for dropping in and spending a bit of time at reading at I Have A Notion!!! I try to remain flexible in most aspects of my life, so deadlines are very difficult for me to live with… So, for the most part, I try to avoid them!!! Beth

  5. I like the Chicken Dance quilt.

    1. Thanks, Susan… every time I see it, it makes me smile!!! I hope is pulled one from you today too!.

  6. “Nobody said quilts had to be made fast.” How very true, Beth! Chicken Dance is a fun quilt – love the bright colours.

    1. I have discovered that sometimes a quilt needs to percolate… for further inspiration or technique (to bring the next portion to life), or time!!! depending on the next step. Right now… no time… but plenty of inspiration!!! I would never have thought I was such a bright color person… when I first started quilting. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment!!! Beth

  7. I miss having chickens/fresh eggs! Two years ago we did the opposite to you, moving from about 4 acres on the edge of town into a smaller property in the township – the view of the countryside and the eggs are what I miss the most! Your Chicken Dance quilt is gorgeous – fantastic colours!!

    1. Thanks, Jen I really appreciate the compliment! Watch for a ‘Chicken Dance’ pattern coming soon. Cover quilt is waiting in line at the longarmers as I type. Not really sure how long the line is though. We went a bit bigger than 4 acres, but a good 1/2 or more is all treed, so nothing for us to do with that… except admire them. I am looking forward to the fresh eggs. The ‘girls’ have only been here for about 2 weeks, but they are finally realizing that when I call I mean food! I want to let them range about a couple of times a week, for their mental health and as the bug patrol!!!

  8. What a lively, happy quilt! I will check out your shop. Nice to get to know you on this year’s blog hop.

    1. Nann!! Thank you so much! Let me know if you see something I need to carry in the shop or you are having difficulty finding!! Beth

  9. ..looking forward to seeing you!!

    1. We’ll have to find a date that works!!! Thanks for the comment!

  10. Such a fun quilt! I have or have gifted each of the notions you showed, they are great!

    1. Thanks, it really is a fun quilt… I know we all say that about a favorite!!! and YES, all those products are great, even if I say so myself! Thanks for stopping by! Beth

  11. Hello! It is nice to meet you:). Sewing notions make the creative process a joyful journey. I have the wool press mat on my must have list, but am intrigued with the mist bottles. Oooh ! All the fun quilty things:)❤️❤️❤️

    1. Tracy! The pressing mat and the mist bottle will both change your pressing routine. The mist bottle sprays the finest mist over your project. No big wet spots that you have to dry!!! The Wool Pressing mat helps to press blocks and seams without distortion!!! Really worth the investment and I don’t say that lightly! Thanks for stopping by and reading. Beth

  12. Thanks for sharing your blog and shop on the Quilters Meet and Greet! Like you, I have found a number of new-to-me blogs during this event. Fun!!

    1. I am still working my way through the list… so I will find lots more. Days are just too short! Beth

  13. Such a bright and beautiful quilt. I love quilts that share so much about their maker. Eg. by looking at your quilt, I’d guess you are kind and young at heart and love to make people smile. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Velda!!! Thank you! What a nice thing to say. I try to do all that, most days; somedays…. well maybe I should go back to bed. I am beginning to itch to create, but not time at the moment. Maybe by New Years Day I will get to sew again. Please drop by again and thanks for reading! Beth

  14. Chicken Dance is just too much fun! Glad to meet you and really enjoyed poking around!

    1. Thanks, Carol for poking around! I think you are right… they are having too much fun. Beth

  15. Cute chicken quilt, thanks so much for sharing

    1. Karrin thanks so much for stopping by! I am glad to meet you! Come back again sometime.

  16. Cute chiken quilt! Love the backing

    1. Frederique- Thanks! I sometimes have as much fun, maybe more, creating the backs! I have several quilts with fun backs… Thanks for stopping by. Beth

  17. Your Quilt is Awesome! Bright & fun…my Daughter would Love it..she has chickens…

    1. Lori, coincidentally I have some chickens now too. Life has been a bit to busy to share much of anything lately… and of course, anything that does not go as planned lengthens the time lime… by twice! Come back again, please… there may be more about chickens… Beth

  18. Thanks for sharing. I love the chicks. I have a wall hanging I pieced and quilted, I call the funky chicks. will stop by I have a notion, thanks again for sharing.

    1. Hi Karon! I’ll bet your ‘funky’ chicks are just as much fun. Please visit the shop… and thanks for the note. I’m loving all the comments! Beth

  19. I really need to try a beam and read one of these days. I need more light as my eyes get older.

    1. The Beam n Read is really everything in Hands-Free lighting. I don’t say that lightly! The way it hangs it shines the light exactly where you need it. I have used other help lights and I find myself looking for the light or the best angle to use the light. Not with this light, it shines beautifully. Was I right about the Misting Spray Bottle? Beth

  20. It’s interesting to meet you and to learn about your notions shop. The chickens are wonderful as well.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading! Please check out the store… and let me know if I can help you locate a particular item or product. Beth

  21. The Beam and Read light is intriguing; I will have to check it out closer. Thanks for participating.

    1. Jenny thanks for the vote of confidence and reading all the way down to the light! Of all the portable lighting devices I have tried, (I have an Ott light rechargeable, one that wraps around the neck, and the book type too). This one does more for me! I find I use it instead of turning on a brighter lamp when I am working on bindings, applique or embroidery. It is bright enough to even use in ‘no-light’ situations like power outages, which in Kentucky are often (because all the lines are still above ground on telephone poles). My husband even has one for when he needs just a bit more light when doing close work in his shop!!! Beth

  22. Your chicken quilt is so cute!

    1. Kristie thank you for the compliment… I think chickens are my new ‘thing’. Displayed another one at a Quilt Show in the booth, and it drew lots of attention too…
      Thanks for stopping by, and please come back. Beth

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