Hi and Welcome to the “NEW” I Have a Notion store!!!

This has taken a few days, weeks, MONTHS longer than I ever envisioned. Several road blocks along the way- most of them technology related. But we’re here, we’ve made it, and we’re happy with the way things are looking.

I hope you take a few minutes and wander around the new site, (if you find discrepancies, misspellings, complete inaccuracies, bad links or other errors please please please bring them to my attention). In my haste to get this ready and learn all the new stuff… I’m sure I will have overlooked something, maybe many things.

I have plans in the works… but I think a little at a time is the way to go. I have focused on the basics…. Blog, Home Page, Store and the things that go with that, and the all important Contact and Privacy Pages, at the moment. I see in the future bringing back the Needle Exchange and adding Giveaways (not too far future!!) and some Gallery Pages for showing off creations;  yours and mine.

I am trying to find the best “notions”, “tools” and “devices” to help us all create our art, that fall between the top of the line and the cheapest possible way to go.  I personally believe that we should buy the best we can afford… which does not necessarily mean spend lots of money, but more about finding a tool that does the job beautifully, (or maybe many jobs)… and won’t break the bank when the time to upgrade comes along.

My own philosophy is… never spend more on an item than you can afford to replace when ‘the item’ ceases to perform! I had an iron, (an expensive iron) that I put up with for years as it spit, burped and dribbled water over just about everything… until I had finally decided ENOUGH!!! Since most things are not made to the same long lasting standards… of yore, I try to stay in a budget friendly mid range category, so when it ceases to perform…. I can let it go!  I try to keep that in mind as I peruse ALL the available items for the store to help us create- and there are a lot!

Sometimes just the act of creating… is fun and sometimes we have goals or deadlines. It may take a new set of tools or a book, or maybe an organizing element…. to start the act of CREATING. Sometimes we may just need a spark.  But whatever it is I hope you have a good time wandering around at I HAVE A NOTION, and if you have a question, or a comment or a wish, please tell me! I want to help you be successful playing and creating every single moment!

And with that said- Enjoy.